Positive and negative effects of yogurt

Yogurt is a dairy product formed by fermenting milk using bacteria. The addition of live cultures of Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus into the cow milk form yogurt. A yogurt is creamy or whitish in color and thick in texture. It is a nutritious product and is a popular side of the daily diet. Being a part of milk family, yogurt is rich in calcium, proteins, magnesium, and zinc. Due to the infinite minerals, yogurt possesses an equal number of merits in human health. At the same time, it may also cause problems following over consumption in particular. In addition, the modern trend of using toppings, flavors, and additives (which contains high sugar content) in yogurt adds an extra burden on human health.

Positive and negative effects of yogurt

Positive effects of yogurt:

Yogurt possesses infinite health benefits.

Provides nutrition

Yogurt contains a variety of nutrients including calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorous. An everyday consumption of yogurt satisfies the need of all these nutrients in a human body. The vitamins and nutrients in yogurt keep bones and teeth healthy and provide protection against heart disease.

Retains physical health

Doctors advice yogurt consumption for proper blood pressure regulation and metabolism. As yogurt contains high protein, the health benefits are numerous. The proteins in yogurt regulate appetite and thus, control weight gain. Yogurt aids in maintaining a proper diet i.e. a heavy breakfast and a small dinner.

Improves digestive system

Yogurt contains live bacteria called probiotics that helps in maintaining digestive health by reducing gastrointestinal disorders. It limits the irritable bowel syndrome and improves bloating and stool frequency. The probiotics, when consumed, protects against constipation.

Bolsters immune system

A healthy immune system is very important to prevent a human body from specific diseases and illness. Yogurt boosts the immunity to fight against bacterial and viral infections and protect the human health from diseases. The yogurt constitutes all major components that enhance immune system health such as magnesium, zinc, and Vitamin D. In this way, yogurt helps in maintaining well-being.

Prevents vaginal infection

Candida, a vaginal infection, is common among diabetic women. Recent studies show that yogurt intake reduces the vaginal infection. In addition, yogurt deteriorates the risk of high blood pressure. These reasons make it popular among women.

Negative effects of yogurt:

Though it provides several health benefits, an equal number of defects isn’t uncommon with yogurt.

Kidney stones

Yogurt is responsible for the occurrence of kidney stones. As yogurt constitute the high amount of calcium, a large consumption may cause kidney problems. When the calcium amount exceeds the body need, it accumulates in the blood vessels and become a cause of kidney stones. Though calcium is important for the bones and teeth, excessive amount endangers human health.


Recent studies show that high level of IGF-1 can cause breast cancer. The IGF-1 hormone increases milk production and is a significant part of animal feed. High consumption of this hormone by cows increases its amount in the milk and thus, in yogurt. Another component which causes ovarian cancer is galactose in yogurt. Hence, large yogurt consumption enhances the risk of cancer.

Poor brain functioning

Yogurt impacts the proper functioning of the brain. It also affects the decision-making of an individual. High yogurt consumption increases several components in the body beyond the requirement and reduces the brain activity effectiveness.

Early puberty

A major negative effect of yogurt in children is early puberty. As animal feed contains larger growth hormones, the yogurt made from the milk of the animals, in turn, constitute such growth hormones. Thus, the larger yogurt consumption in children increases such hormones and engenders early puberty.

Unfavorable reactions

Yogurt can become a cause of sickness for an individual on medication. The live bacteria in the yogurt may cause an infection when consumed with other medicines. In addition, the interaction of yogurt and antibiotics lowers the overall immune system and thus, make an individual susceptible to illness and infection.

A variety of studies concluded the effective results of yogurt consumption. The health issues arise when people make yogurt a part of their diet twice a day. Every yogurt company must educate its consumers regarding the negative effects of larger yogurt consumption. And the government must make certain provisions and undertake regulations. Also, the government should create awareness among citizens regarding various eatable products in the market. At the end, a person must realize and know the outcomes of a product that he consumes. In this way, one can limit the drawbacks and enjoy the fruits of a product.

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