Negative effects of water pollution

While it is commonly theorized that the origin of water happened as a result of bombardment by icy bodies during the early earth formation, one thing is for sure – crystal clear and potable water is fast becoming a rare commodity these days. Thanks to the various industries polluting various water bodies across the planet, clean drinking water seems to be more of a myth than a reality.

Negative effects of water pollution

The fact remains that ever since we have been polluting earth since the advent of the industrial age and as a result, have stressed out whatever little resources we have left, well beyond the point of no return. Water is not an infinite commodity, and with the few resources we have left, it is essential that we do all we can to protect the same. That’s why it is time we took a closer look at the negative effects of water pollution and all it entails.

  • Extinction of aquatic life: As more industries dump toxic chemicals and various pollutants directly into the various water bodies located close to their base of operations. The pollutants are further carried into the sea and here these toxic chemicals interact with minute organisms with disastrous consequences. There are even incidences of eutrophication, where the water bodies including parts of ocean and sea are deprived of essential oxygen as a result of these toxic chemicals. As a result, the process kills most of these organisms and all forms of aquatic life in that zone, rendering it sterile. This can have a cascading effect on bigger life forms which depend on these organisms for its very survival.
  • Food chain disruption: It has been discovered that tiny aquatic organisms often snack on pollutants such as mercury, cadmium and lead and when these are later eaten by larger organisms, the whole chain stands affected. In fact, there is a good chance that most of the fish that’s displayed at the local fishmongers may have been contaminated by toxic chemicals and substances. Eating the contaminated fish can expose humans to the same, along with several cases of mercury and lead poisoning coming to light with the source being highlighted as contaminated fish.
  • Hepatitis: Hepatitis and other chronic diseases are often caused by drinking polluted water. In fact, it is advisable to filter the water, after heating and cooling the same, before using it for drinking purposes. While most governments do have water filter treatment plants in place to treat water, the fact remains that you need to take effective measures to protect yourself, against various diseases which can be caused by drinking contaminated water.
  • Destruction of local ecosystems: Water pollution can cause the destruction of local water habitats and all life forms that depend on the same for their survival. Human activities such as littering can cause damage to local water bodies and in turn, cause these water bodies to become polluted thereby damaging the local ecosystem.

These are some of the negative effects of water pollution which is why we need to take effective measures when it comes to protecting this invaluable resource, on which our very survival depends.

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