Positive and negative effects of virtual reality

Virtual reality(VR) technology redefines the way that we communicate with one other; in fact, most of the devices that we use, are but a base extension of what virtual tech is all about. From the fact that you are able to use your android phones to communicate with another person in real time or even shoot a movie, upload and share the same instantly are but a part of reality today. VR just takes this to another level and adds yet another layer to the communication wherein you or to be more specific, your body is tricked to imagine scenarios, express yourself sans any inhibitions and much more. There are quite a few VR tech in use today, from the VR headset that allows you to experience an enhanced form of artificial reality, to those that allow you to experience a range of visual and physical sensations, causing you to experience virtual reality as never before.

Positive and negative effects of virtual reality

Positive effects of virtual reality:

The good thing about virtual reality is that it allows you to experience wide range of sensations that you may not otherwise and more to the fact, it allows you to expand your horizons in more ways than one. Thanks to Google cameras, you can now use virtual reality tech to travel to distant shores, places you had never visited before for free or almost, for no charge. All that you would require is a virtual reality headset and be able to travel to your heart’s content right from the comfort of your bedroom. Of course, it won’t be the same as the real deal but you should still be able to indulge yourself.

Virtual reality is a life saver, in more ways than one. While patients often had to shell out to travel to the US for select medical procedures, most of these doctors are now able to carry out surgeries right from the comfort of their own offices while their patients are located thousands of miles away. Thanks to high definition video and audio input, some of these doctors have started using VR tech to guide and assist in surgeries despite being located so far away. And since all communication is in real time, these doctors are able to provide the required assistance and in the process, provide their patients with timely treatment without having to travel any long distances. The other good thing about VR tech is the added impetus it can provide as an educational tool. You must have heard of Rome’s sacking of Carthage, and now, thanks to VR, you can experience it, from the front row.

Negative effects of Virtual reality:

While enhanced communication is ideal, the fact remains that you are more likely to become anti-social and insular as a result of over-reliance on VR technology. The fact is that as you become more engrossed with virtual reality, you will start to spend less time with social interactions; the line between artificial reality and the real variant can get blurred over time. This is why continual exposure to VR tech can lead impact your health from physical to psychological, over time.

As of date, there are little to no laws regulating the use of virtual tech which is why chances of the same being misused are quite high. While one of the perks of Virtual reality is that it allows you to move and behave without restraint, enabling you to do things that you would not have done otherwise – the fact remains that over-reliance on a technology with no regulations is bound to result in behavioral changes. In short, as you use VR tech more frequently, your behavior is bound to change and not for the better. The other flip side to this is the fact that VR tech is not cheap and while you may enjoy an artificial form of reality, getting addicted to the same can lead to a severe strain on your resources, apart from becoming unsociable.

These are some of the pros and cons of virtual reality and while it can be hard to come to a decision on whether VR tech is good or not, the fact remains that over-reliance on the same can impact your health, over prolonged periods. This is why you need to take care to make sure that you do not spend more than the bare minimum with any form of VR tech and do remember, when it comes to the best experience, physical or otherwise, nothing beats the real deal.

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