Positive and negative effects of television

Television, which is often termed as the ‘idiot box’ by many, is one of the most important electronic media devices today. Almost every house today owns a television set and it has surely become one of the most important parts of our lives. Earlier, it used to be only a means of entertainment because of the movies, music and shows that are put up with an intention of entertaining the viewers. But more than just entertaining, televisions have come a long way in benefiting its viewers and audience.

Televisions are no more source of just movies and music. There are a number of new channels that keep us acquainted with the world. News is displayed 24×7 from all parts of the world which is helpful for us as we can get access to that just through our television. Apart from this, many cable operators offer online study lessons, dance lessons, yoga, exercise, cooking etc. Television can be put to a great use in this manner as it can be used to study and learn other useful activities as well.

However, it is adamant that television must be used and watched in a limited amount only. Excess exposure to television can have serious impacts on eyes and brain of a person. It is important to understand where and when to stop.

The positive and negative effects of watching television are explained as follows.

Positive and negative effects of television

Positive effects of Television

  • A medium of educational advancement

We have entered an age of technology. Everything is going digital and technical. Education is now not just limited to books and paperbacks. Digital means of education provide a better visualization for a student. Television doesn’t fall short in contributing to the same. There are many channels on television which are contributed to covering syllabus topics for certain subjects. Others like the discovery channel brings out brand new inventions and knowledge stuff which is great for children as well as the adults.

  • An excellent source of Entertainment

This fact is so obvious that it can never be denied. Television is one of the major sources of entertainment since the day of its invention. There are so many things that the TV encompasses. There are movies, music channels, cartoons and every other kind of dance/music shows. Apart from this, news channels also do contain much entertaining stuff every now and then.

TV is the best source to know what sports activities are going on in the world. They can be read in the newspaper too, sure. But the actual games that are broadcasted over the television can be clearly witnessed by the people around the world. Not only do they become aware about the techniques of the sports, but they can witness the whole game and learn many more important things about that sport.

  • Informational stuff on cultures around the world

TV today has an endless range of stuff. From cookery shows to travel diaries, the TV today can sport just almost anything. Such shows acquaint us with the world outside us and our country. We are introduced with the outer world and their culture. This effectively adds to our knowledge of the world and help us in appreciating the beauty of different cultures around the world.

  • As a source of inspiration

A number of TV shows and documentaries that are put up over the television can have a number of positive effects on the children as well as the youth today. Watching people succeeding in their lives and some inspirational movies, their morale can be boosted and it can therefore work as a great source of inspiration for the young generation.

Negative effects of Television

  • Wastage of time

TV is surely a great source of knowledge. But many people tend to waste a lot of time over the television that they miss out on other important stuff. TV, when not used in a controlled manner, can be the greatest time waster of all time.

  • Effects eyes and causes headaches

The radiations that the TV throws out is harmful for the eyes. Prolonged exposure to the same can cause the weakening of the eyesight. Too much TV usage can cause headache due to the harmful radiations.

  • Cuts out physical activity

Most children and teenagers stick to the television screen all day long. They often forget about going out and play. This gets in the way of their physical activity which is important for their growth and development. This is one of the very negative effects of television on the children.

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  1. I don’t think television has affected our life really badly unless someone becomes too addicted to it. It’s the internet and social media which is affecting our lives like never before. TV is really limited, content is produced by limited companies on it. But on the internet, anyone can write anything, well it promotes free speech but also has many negative effects as well.

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