Negative effects of screen time

Allowing your kids too much screen time with their various video games, television programs can have residual negative effects which can affect their health in the long run. And while there seems to be little agreement as to what is appropriate screen time – one thing is for sure, allowing your kids too much screen time can cause them to become addicted to the same. This is why it is important that we take a closer look at some of the negative effects of screen time.

Negative effects of screen time


Sleep deprivation: Children require more sleep than adults and getting hooked on to various devices from tablets to video games can cause them to sleep less. Children are at an important phase of their development and as such, they require at least seven to eight hours of sound sleep. Moreover, if they sleep with the various electronic devices in close proximity, the residual blue light emitted by these devices can cause them to sleep less fitfully. As a result, they are often extremely fatigued on waking up and this has a cascading effect on their health as well.

Obesity: Obesity is fast becoming a crisis with several teens developing obesity-related health disorders and the rising incidence of diabetes 2 among young patients is equally worrying. One of the causative factors for young children to become obese over a period of time is the fact that they get less exercise as they get hooked on various online games and other devices. And since most of them sit down to access these devices, they become less fit and as a result, more obese over a certain period.

Vision: It goes without saying that spending long hours in front of the PC, television, tablets, mobile phones and/or video games is going to lead to vision impairment.  This is why it is essential that you monitor the amount of screen time your kids are exposed to and if required, regulate the same so that their health does not get impacted. If your kid’s eye is watering as a result of getting too much screen time, then you need to take him to the doctors right away.

Body aches and pains: Spending too much time on the laptop or playing games on devices can lead to joint aches. In fact, extensive laptop usage can cause your kid to develop carpal tunnel syndrome; if he experiences sharp inexplicable pains in his wrist as he moves his hand, then chances are likely that he is indeed suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Addiction: Kids can become easily addicted to various electronic devices which is why you need to carefully monitor their screen time. If you feel that they are indeed addicted, then it may be time to take your kid on a weekend trip to an electronics-free zone but either way does consult a childcare specialist for suggestions and tips on how to handle this addiction.

These are some of the negative effects of too much screen time and this is why it is important you realize the inherent dangers of allowing your kids too much screen time.

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