Negative effects of school uniform

Each year, schools start their new academic year and all the students are required to purchase new uniforms which they would be required to wear at all times they are present in school or take part in any school-related activities. While a school uniform imposes uniformity and gets everyone to conform to school regulations, the fact remains that insisting on a uniform can have its own consequences. This is why we need to take a closer look at school uniforms and some of the negative aspects associated with the same.

Negative effects of school uniform

One of the most often uttered criticisms against uniforms of all types is that it allows little or no room for individuality. In fact, most organizations from schools to the armed forces prohibit their uniforms from being customized for wear and insist that all candidates maintain and uphold the uniform code in line with their regulations and rules. The fact is that while this is to be expected in the armed forces, young school children are often forced to conform to school regulations and are mandatorily required to wear school uniforms every day of their school. As recent studies had indicated, forcing young children to wear a certain type of dress, especially during the all-important formative years can have a lasting impact on the choices they make and in their very lives. It can eat into their individuality and it is this individuality that enables them to formulate their own choices and take key decisions. In fact, a few studies have already indicated that forcing the uniform on young kids can make them less confident about taking key decisions and often have a tendency to avoid the limelight.

The other troubling part about uniforms is that it allows no room for self-expression. Granted that most schools have rigid rules regarding students modifying their uniforms by opting for different colors or even wearing an armband and there are in fact cases, where schools have suspended some of their students for daring to do the unthinkable. But all said and done, uniforms often restricts creativity and this often results in innovative ideas, expressions and thoughts never taking form or shape as a result of being made to conform to the uniform code. It is important that kids are encouraged to become more creative and innovative during their formative years and wearing the same uniform for several hours on end can end up restricting their creative flow.

These are some of the negative aspects of wearing uniforms; in fact, some schools have taken their uniform code to ridiculous levels where hair accessories are banned along with large earrings. Of course, logic often has little or no role to play when schools come up with these rules. It is important that you realize the negative aspects that come with wearing a uniform day in and day out.


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