Positive and negative effects of Recycling

From a long time, we have been into the idea of recycling of various products. As seen generally, recycling is used more in the context of waste products. The waste products could be anything that you have already used and are planning to discard for life. Just instead of discarding them for life, there are ways that you can apply such that those used products can be used again in the same way or a different way. It would depend on what you have done with that product in order to recycle it.

Recycling is not only limited to the reuse of the waste products. Many of its methods also support the positive effects on the environment. Specially, recycling the products that pose a threat to the environment contributes a great deal to the saving of the planet earth.

But there could be both positive and negative effects of recycling. Read below to know more about these effects on human life and the environment in general.

Positive and negative effects of Recycling

Positive Effects of Recycling:

The positive effects of recycling are mentioned as follows:

  • It reduces pollution

The major cause of pollution is the industrial waste that various kinds of industries let out without retreating them. However, recycling this waste treats it again and reduces its effect on the environment. This in turn reduces the overall pollution which was earlier caused as a result of this waste.

  • It reduces global warming

Recycling is also effective in reducing the global warming on earth. The untreated disposal waste products are combusted. This combustion results in release of harmful greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, nitrogen, sulphur etc. All of such gases are the main contributors of the greenhouse effect since they result in the climate change and thus causing major global warming issues. With the help of recycling, the combustion is reduced to the minimum and this waste product is transformed into reusable products which are comparatively less damaging to the environment.

  • It helps in the natural resource conservation

In case the idea of recycling would not have taken shape, it would have been quite a different scenario as seen with the natural resources on the earth. If recycling was no there, the manufacturing of new products would be required time and again which implies using the natural resources. This might result in the lessening amounts of the same. However, reuse of the used products with the help of recycling helps a lot in the natural resource conservation.

  • It could produce valuable jobs

Recycling is not only beneficial for the environment but for the human job sector as well. If recycling were to be carried out on a good scale, then plants for the same would be required to set up which would employ a great number of people. Thus, it would provide great opportunities in this job sector.

Negative Effects of Recycling:

The negative effects of recycling are mentioned as follows:

  • Recycling could be costly

When a plant is required to be set up for recycling, it demands a lot of capital cost to be spent on the plant setup unit and many other things. Along with this, regular seminars would be required to keep the locals educated about the ways of recycling and in other transportation vehicles. Overall, it is not very easy on the budget to carry out recycling.

  • Recycling places are unhygienic

Since we are talking about finding ways to treat and use the waste products for the second time, it is obvious that these places are very unhygienic. They are always smelly and have a very unhealthy environment to work with. The wastes could turn into bad infectious diseases which can harm the nearby human lives.

  • Recycled products don’t promise durability

Since it is obvious that in recycling, we are reusing or recreating the products from already used products or the wastes. Such products don’t tend to be durable. In fact, they usually last for only some limited amount of time. This also explains why they are low priced.

  • The concept of Recycling is underrated

Even when every kid is taught from his school days the importance recycling and saving the mother earth, it is surprising to see not many people follow the concept of this. Actually, there are very few people who actually know and carry out recycling on a personal level. Others don’t find enough time for such things and simply prefer to discard old items and buy new ones. It can be said that recycling is still quite underrated among most people till date.

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