Positive and negative effects of Pollution

No human on this earth would be unaware of this term ‘Pollution’ by now. Not just because how common it is but because we see it all around us every day. The fact cannot be denied that our earth is owing itself to the trauma of pollution all the more with each passing day. Be it air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution or any other, it has been seen causing havoc on the human mankind. As generally seen, pollution would only make sense when its negative effects are talked about.

But there could be a few positive effects of pollution as well which would depend on different aspects. So, here are some of the positive and negative effects of pollution for you to read.

Positive and negative effects of pollution

Positive Effects of Pollution:

The positive effects of pollution might be difficult to comprehend but some of them have been stated here in a rather sarcastic kind of way. These positive effects of pollution have been mentioned as follows.

  • Acid rain is a result of air pollution which melts the old gravestones which are made of limestone. This makes the cemetery clear of the very old gravestones.
  • Air pollution caused from burning fossil fuels are known to kill over 100,000 people each year which helps in reducing population count.
  • The Smog caused as a result of air pollution is known to add particles into the air that give them moisture. This could be something extra to nucleate around and as a result it can increase the chances of rainfall.
  • The increased carbon dioxide in the air acts as a means to help the plants grow a little faster and a little bigger.
  • The pollutants in the environment that are known to kill the Ozone layer help you in getting tanned more quickly. This can be good for people who want to get tanned in a season.

Negative Effects of Pollution:

The negative effects of pollution have been mentioned as follows.

  • The pollutants present in the air have the worst effect on the human life and their health. The harmful gases and particles present in the air which are also responsible for the depletion of ozone layer have great negative effects on the human respiratory system and thus giving an invitation to multiple diseases such as lung infections, asthma, chronic bronchitis etc. Some people may also end up drinking contaminated water which could have been infected as a result of water pollution causes stomach infections and other various digestive problems. Water pollution in that sense also has a very negative effect on the aquatic life and causes multiple deaths of them.
  • Air pollution is mainly caused due to the burning of fossil fuels which mainly comes from the vehicles and factory emissions. The pollutants diffused into the atmosphere by these result in smog and contamination of the general breathing environment. Another effect of air pollution is the formation acid rain which is very well known to deteriorate human skin and other old artefacts and monuments.
  • Another dangerous kind of pollution is the Water pollution that may result from wastes excluded from the construction sites or factories or oil spills or sewage spills and other trashy factors. The water pollution thus caused has a depleting effect on the plants and animal and the humans too. water pollution also poses a threat to the aquatic life.
  • Another type of deadly pollution is the soil pollution or the land pollution. This happens as a result of various pollutants getting added in the soil. These are mostly from the industrial wastes which cause the lead, PCBs and asbestos content in the soil to increase. This increase directly effects the human health and the plant and animal health in the worst way. Some of the pesticides used in the agriculture also infects the quality of the land which may induce its negative effects into the crops and plants grown there which in turn destroys human health and animal health who try to consume it.
  • All these types of pollution included, be it the air pollution, water pollution or the land pollution, they do not occur separately from one another. As a result, the entire ecosystem is affected. All these types of pollution can be interrelated. Like if the use of pesticides caused land pollution affecting the humans and the animal life, then that could easily travel to the nearby bodies of water, thus impacting the aquatic life and the other species of plants and animals.


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