Positive and negative effects of politics

In any country, Politics are a major part of its development and history. Without a well organized political system, a country is unlikely to develop and stand through the challenges that surround its progress. Political leaders and motivators are the some of the important persons that run and maintain a political system of a country. Being an important part of a country, it needs to be very well focused towards the nation’s progress and the betterment of its people.

But does the whole political scenario always does good for a country? What if the leaders aren’t worth it? What if the system breaks down due to some illegal actions or discrepancies. What kind of effects would it then be resurrecting on a country?

These questions can have many answers. Since there are both positive and negative effects of Politics on a country and society. These points have been detailed as follows.

Positive and negative effects of politics

Positive effects of Politics

  • Democracy – One of the very important reasons that we’re even concerned about the political system is the Democracy. Democracy can be defined as a form of government which is being followed presently. In the earlier times, it was Aristocracy that followed. A very positive effect of the political system has been that it has brought the concept of democracy in our world. It is undoubtedly the best form of government which brings fairness of choices to every one alike.
  • Right to Vote – It is because of the political system that in India, every person above 18 years of age holds an equal right to vote regardless of their caste or creed. This quite nicely promotes the equality idea that we work on. The politics in this sense produces and equal opportunity for all the citizens of a country and an equal right to participate in the elections as well.
  • Regional Political Parties – It is often seen that some areas or regions of a country do not get enough attention due to some or the other reason. To affix this, a lot of regional parties originate as a result of politics. These regional parties are successful in attracting attention to their regions and make amendments. This way, all the regions come under the eye and equal development can be achieved for the whole country. Plus, regional parties increase the political competition and the chance of emerging of some great leaders.

Negative effects of Politics:

  • Dynasty politics –One of the most negative things about politics is that it follows the dynasty nature. A maximum chunk of Indian Politicians with MPs has previous connections to politics. As a result of this, other leaders don’t get a chance. This serves as impartiality in Politics which is a very negative point.
  • Corruption – A word with which everyone today is familiar with. Thanks to the politics, it has been quite deep rooted in the present culture. This is nothing but a result of negative politics when leaders try to use politics as a reason to draw in all the money for themselves. This is done by many and is unfortunately the worst effect of politics.
  • Pricing of votes – Democracy may promote an equal right to everyone to vote. But looking on the negative side, most votes today are bought. Setting a price on the votes, they are easily bought and favored under with the help of a few pricy notes. Not only foes this promotes corruption, but also granting of power to undeserving leaders.
  • Cynicism – Politics have surely introduced basic human rights such as the RTI (Right to Information). But it is hardly used, thanks to the political threats and all the run-through. The negative effect of politics ponders over the people and they are drawn to the fearful side where the RTI cannot be used by a common man.
  • Power to the powerful – Politics is the dirt land where the powerful holds all the power and the common man holds all the sufferings. Politicians and people belonging to strong political backgrounds and families hold all the power and can most likely make anything happen. Amidst all of this, the common man is bound to suffer. This is one of the worst negative effect of the politics.
  • No general participation – It can be very well seen that people and politicians never interact apart from the time of elections. Being a negative thing, this is also the most obvious reasons why people and politicians do not mix. There’s no sharing of ideas or insights and both are unaware of each other’s actions or needs.

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  1. You can’t eliminate politics and politicians from the current system. But it’s true that this very system allows them to do corruption. If we could build a system like a private company, whose only aim is to take the country forward, we’ll see countries doing unimaginable progress, especially undeveloped countries.

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