Positive and negative effects of newspaper

A newspaper is a periodical publication, which carries reports regarding every sector, field, or an ongoing event or an incident across the world. Europe and America were first countries to publish newspapers in the 19th century and the trend clasped every country thereafter. In ancient times, newspapers were a piece of paper to provide necessary information to the locals but today it has emerged as a major business that reports world news to every corner in the four directions. Whether a newspaper provides reliable information to the end-user, is a debatable topic. Ironically, the print media is a single sector, which saved its hold from deracination, by the hands of heightening technology and advent of the internet. At the same time, newspapers constitute pros and cons on the self-development and societal vision basis among others.

Positive and negative effects of newspaper


Positive effects of newspaper:

A newspaper is an present, to an individual’s mental stimulation.

Make knowledgeable

Newspapers provide wide information of economic, political, social, business and sports. A critical reading of newspaper enhances insight into different societies and gives crucial world knowledge. Along with intellectual thinking, it provides the cognitive ability to analyze and judge different situations. The huge amount of knowledge in every field encourages an individual to make the society better. Numerous community and religious conflicts mentioned in the newspapers push a person toward lead the society for betterment and make him aware of the wrongdoings and welfare activities.

Keep up-to-date

The current events in the newspaper keep a person abreast, which helps in making future decisions. A businessman can invest in a sector that seems to lead the race in coming years. For example, at present, electric and hybrid vehicles have become showstopper among automobiles. And, a newspaper is the prime source to provide such information. Also, people stay aware of countries indulging in civil wars and accordingly, make their tourism decisions. Science and technology grants necessary piece in newspapers for the entire mankind.

Ease career decision-making

Newspaper bestowed information of every possible sphere and domain. It isn’t uncommon for a student to stay in dilemma regarding career choices. One can say, career is the most difficult decision, one has to make without time delay. Stocked in the global words, newspapers guide a student in making choices. By reading different sections regularly, one can inspect the field of interest and join the race of professionalism. Also, many newspapers carries jobs and career section, which can help job seekers and graduates.

Increase learning and reading abilities

The additional learning regarding anything in this world makes a person a better human being. And the newspaper is a god of vast learning. Everyday newspaper reading increases concentration, which further helps in academic studies. Repeated mentioning of nations, leaders, business companies, social and economic policies find a stable place in a brain and one need not cram everything up.

Negative effects of newspaper:

Being a combination of words written from one person’s perspective, a newspaper might lose its motive.

Negative impression

Today, newspapers have become a common source of defaming a person, company or a product. The reason could be compensation from the opposite party or the negligence of field researchers themselves. And the fact, that readers believe what they read, creates worry among the victims. This can produce a long-term damage to an individual’s life.

Political control

On numerous incidents, different parties blame the opposition for controlling a voter’s decision through newspapers. At present, several newspaper companies are allies of politicians and organizations. Owing to the weak policing and judicial system, these companies succeed in taking a hide-out if caught.

Wrong advertisements

Other than spreading negative impression, newspapers can be agents of evil. Many newspapers glorify organizations, people, and products without mentioning any negative consequences and promote them to a gullible mass against huge compensation with a sole objective of profit-making. In this way, newspapers betray readers and fail in achieving their prime objective of reporting the truth.

Newspapers, in a way, are a combination of several novels in few pages that end with ‘to be continued’ every day and the feeling of ‘what happens next’ keeps a reader glued to it every morning. It changes the manner of thinking and might enhance hatred toward someone or something. But, at the same time, such change depends on an individual’s purpose of reading a newspaper. Regarding the false information, the government should undertake strict measures and regulations, make required provisions and punish non-compliant. Finally, every present reader hopes to keep this culture alive as a newspaper suits more to a morning tea than WhatsApp messages.

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