Positive and negative effects of music

Music is probably one of the best things in this world. It should be stated as more of a therapy than a thing. Listening to music is on almost everybody’s hobby list nowadays. There can be zero doubts to it. Music is surely something that can lift a soul up and sooth the mind. And it works like a charm. There can be many genres of music such as rock, pop, classic, jazz, electronic etc. Every person has their own specific favorite genres that they prefer over the other.

Music entails to be a human’s best friend. Almost everyone we see today has the earphones plugged in or the headset on. Music can be quite addictive as well. Not only does music get to be at the top of favorite things list of everyone, but it also has other very important effects. Music can be used as a therapy for mind to lure away the stress. Many scientific tests and observations have proved that music can be really good for the mind and soul.

However, excess of everything is bad. And so is for the music. When listened to in a controlled way, it can have very positive effects on a person’s mind. However, excess music exposure can cause discomfort and negative effects on the brain and the ears. Moderation should be the key.

The positive and the negative effects of music have been mentioned as follows.

Positive and negative effects of music

Positive effects of Music

  • Music training helps in improving verbal IQ

Not only listening to music, but learning music and playing music too has a very positive effect on the mind. People who learn to play piano, guitars and other musical instruments tend to develop a good visual and IQ level. The coordination between the mind and the body is practiced when practicing a music instrument. This makes them smart with their actions. Many of these claims have been proved in various studies. This is a very positive effect of music on the body.

  • Music boosts the happiness of an individual

According to many studies, it has been found that people who listen to music and constantly try to feel happier are much more successful in feeling happier than the ones who try without the music. It is easier to lift your mood when you listen to an upbeat music. Music has been very well known to lift spirits of the fallen people. It does positively induce the feelings of happiness in a person.

  • Music eases the heart diseases

Music can work like a charm in bringing down the stress levels of a person. For the heart patients, music can very well be used as a therapy to lure down stress and anxiety due to the disease. When the stress is relieved, the blood pressure starts getting normal and the heart beats starts to get in normal motion. This can be very good for dealing with stress at a personal level and for the heart patients too.

  • It gives the mood a boost

In the course of daily life, our mood often gets trampled by some scenarios that seem to be against us. To manage your mood and to keep it on the mellow side, music can be used as the perfect means. Listening to uplifting music induces happiness in a person. Even when you are sad, sad music can lift your mood and make you feel happier.

Negative effects of Music

  • Causes hearing damage

Today, most teens and adults use earphones and headsets as a source to listen to the music. For some time, they can be fine. But long hours of exposure to these earplugs can cause hearing disability and damages to children and kids. Prolonged usage of earplugs is known to deteriorate the hearing abilities because of the close exposure to sound.

  • Sad music can cause excess anxiety

It often happens when people listen to sad music when they are in a bad mood. To some extent, listening to sad music can heal you. But listening to too much sad music can cause excessive anxiety and sadness in the mind. This is because sad music is unable to distract you from what is troubling you and you end up thinking more deeply about it. Excess anxiety caused by this cannot be good for mind and the body.

Music can have real positive effects on a person’s mind and soul. But excess of everything is bad. Try listening to hand-free music and lessen the use of earplugs if you tend to listen to the music for prolonged hours.

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