Negative effects of multitasking

While multitasking may seem like an ideal talent to have, the fact remains that not everyone can multitask effectively and no one can do it all the time. On the outset, multitasking enables you to accomplish several tasks at the same time and that should result in increased productivity. The problem though is that multitasking comes with its own baggage and that’s why we need to take a closer look at the negative effects associated with multitasking.

Negative effects of multi-tasking

  • Lack of focus: One of the handicaps of attempting to do many tasks at once is a loss of focus and concentration. You will find that you are unable to concentrate solely on any one task and as a result, you find that you are either unable to carry out some of the simplest tasks or commit errors due to the fact that you have undertaken to multi-task
  • Memory impairment: This is serious enough to merit medical attention for if you find that in the course of a day, you forget important tasks that you had to carry out as a result of continuous distraction because of multitasking. Then it is perhaps time you slimmed down on some of those tasks and concentrated on important ones. This should help you to focus better on the key task at hand rather than get distracted endlessly because of multiple tasks and run the risk of forgetting important details. While this may not seem that important, the fact remains that memory impairment can even end up blighting your very career.
  • High-stress levels: As a result of multitasking and trying to handle several tasks at once, you are bound to risk your very health. Since you have taken on additional responsibilities, you would be under enormous pressure to carry out those tasks within a stipulated time period. And if that was not enough, you would also be required to be the point person for several of these tasks and you would have to handle the same on your own. This is why it is important to make sure that you know enough to recognize when you are stressed out and need to cut back on all activities before those high-stress levels result in you developing a chronic health condition. High levels of stress have often been cited as one of the causative factors behind heart attacks and strokes. And if you continue to multitask despite high-stress levels, chances of developing a serious health condition are more of a certainty.
  • Cost: Often prolonged bouts of multitasking can result in a high cost to you both personally and professionally. This is also the reason why so many employees burn out within a few years. As a result of multitasking your health goes for a toss, resulting in expensive medical care and since your health has taken a hit you may find it impossible to return to work as well.

These are some of the associated negative effects of multitasking, which is why you should avoid multitasking until absolutely necessary.


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