Negative effects of Molly

With rampant drug abuse being on the increase, it is no wonder that MDMA or Molly as it is more commonly called is now fast turning out to be one of the most abused recreational drugs of late if current trends hold. It is more commonly known as Ecstasy and it can help you to experience a psychedelic high within half hour of ingestion. MDMA causes you to experience various side effects from experiencing an immediate high, a rush, to hallucinations, time dilation effects and much more. What makes this worse is that ecstasy which is often the homemade variant is often made from various substances like methamphetamine, cocaine and Ketamine which makes it all the more harder to gauge the potency of the drug as well as estimating its side effects. This is why it is important to take a closer look at some of the negative effects associated with Molly.

Negative effects of Molly

Some of the negative effects of Molly

MDMA is today one of the most widely used recreational drugs and is known as a party drug for a good reason; the drug causes you to experience euphoric and energizing effects as it has a direct impact on three central brain chemicals such as Serotonin, Dopamine and Norepinephrine. While initially the effects of Molly were thought to be harmless it soon became evident that this drug came with its own brand of side effects with some of them being potentially life-threatening.

Short-term effects

These effects are short-term and can cause you to experience the same on ingesting the drug in question. It depends on the end user as they may have a heightened sensitivity to the drug in question.  You may experience the following side effects on immediately swallowing the drug – nausea, teeth clenching, mild to severe muscle cramps, excessive sweating, chills, body shakes, high body temperature and more. One of the most dangerous side effects of MDMA happens to be the rapid increase in body temperature and without immediate medical attention; this can directly impact all your major body organs and even cause organ failure.

Long-term damage

Prolonged exposure to this drug can help alter the chemical makeup of your brain itself; several studies have shown how long-term exposure to Molly had caused neuronal damage in rats. The extended neuronal damage can help explain some of the symptoms that users face, despite using molly on a regular basis – effects such as depression, sleep problems, increased anxiety, decreased appetite and lowered sexual appetite. It is assumed that most, if not all of these effects are but a direct result of long term use of Molly and the resulting neuronal damage to the brain. A few studies have even shown that heavy usage of Molly over prolonged periods can even impact your cognitive abilities.

These are some of the associated negative effects of consuming Molly as a party drug. The issue has assumed troubling proportions as current trends have shown that more teens are taking to this drug than ever before.

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