Positive and negative effects of mobile phones

Various advances in technology has led to the introduction of mobile phones in our life. And somehow, it has become an integral part of our lives. Almost everyone today can be seen possessing a mobile phone. The new era has made smartphones very popular. Earlier, the basic mobile phones were just meant for communication by voice or simple text (SMS). However, the smartphones have much more to offer. A basic mobile phone nowadays has internet facilities, various applications and other very useful features that has made life easier.

No wonder the usage of mobile phones Is trending and growing day by day. Everyone is so much into their mobile phone that they can’t seem to get over it. Increased addiction to these mobile phones has given rise to many negative problems among teenagers, adults and overall on the society.

The positive and negative effects of the mobile phones have been discussed below.

Positive and negative effects of mobile phones

Positive effects of mobile phones

  • Ease of communication: The very primary purpose of a mobile phone is that it provides a very easy alternative for communication. People sitting at distances far away can get in touch in just a second with the help of mobile phones at any given time. Landline telephones were surely good for this purpose. But their wired configuration made them less flexible to use. In that case, mobile phones have come across a long way in providing communication ease to people.
  • Source of entertainment: Everyone needs something entertaining once in a while to get away from their boring hectic work life. Mobile phones work as a great source of entertainment in that sense. Mobile phones today have internet facilities. You can watch TV online on your phone. You can download fun games and play some for entertainment. At cheaper rates, you can talk to your friends over the internet. Smartphones today have a lot to offer.
  • Helping device in Studies/Business: As for the business industry, the mobile phones do provide a greater ease of management of the same. Many companies have their own marketing apps on Android which makes the management and look over of the business on the go very easy. As far as the studies are concerned, the internet facilities in a mobile phone are easy to reach and access. Plus, there are many study oriented apps too that help in better understanding of the topics.
  • Life saver in emergencies: Emergency cases can be many. Your car might have crashed on the highway. You are far away from home and it is raining. You need someone to pick you up. If you are having a mobile phone, you can easily get in touch with anyone. It might work as a life saver in case of emergencies. Instead of searching for a nearby STD/PCO, you can directly dial a number with a mobile phone, thanks to its portability.

Negative effects of mobile phones

  • Addictive: The mobile phones today have become a necessity, sure. But kids and teenager today become extensively addictive to these mobile phones. They tend to spend a huge chunk of their day on the mobile phones playing games, chatting and doing other things. These addictive habits lead to downfall in studies and performance which is one of the cons of the mobile phones today.
  • Health issues: Due to addictiveness of mobile phones, they lead to various health concerns among teenagers and adults. Long hours of exposures to the mobile phone screen lead to eye sight weakening. The glare from the screen of a mobile phone is harmful to the eyes. The continuous use of mobile phones for longer hours to talk on the call also cause other health problems such as headache. The radiations emitted by a mobile phone is not good for the mental health of a person. A very negative effect of mobile phone is this serious health concern.
  • Threat to safety: Since these mobile phones have become so necessary and of course, addictive, people cannot seem to take a break from using them. Even while driving a car, some people tend to talk on the phone. This becomes a major cause of road accidents nowadays. Many laws have also been established that ban the use of a mobile phone while driving. This possesses a threat to safety of people which must be taken seriously.

When the usage of these mobile phones is kept under control, they can be a blessing to the mankind in the present time. However, extensive use of them can lead to serious problems which are not at all safe for anyone.


  1. Well, in my opinion, everything has its own pros and cons. It’s upto the user how he/she uses it. Mobile phones are the greatest invention of our times. No other technology has changed/revolutionized the world, the way mobile phone has done. Of course, if you become addicted to something, whether it’s drugs or smartphone, it will affect your life negatively. So, don’t become an addict of the technology. Learn to use it to make your life easy and you’ll be alright.

  2. Smartphones and the Internet are really dangerous for the society, especially kids and young adults. They don’t know how to use the technology and have become a slave of it. It’s high time that parents take control in their hand and limit the usage of such technologies.

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