Positive and negative effects of media

Over the past few years, media has been seen taking on the world with a bang. More and more people are becoming dependent on this media for a normal and easy lifestyle. Defining the term, media can be seen as any form of communication in this modern world. Media can be classified under two categories: Print media and electronic media. The Print media refers to the books, newspapers, magazines and other such type of weekly editorials. Whereas Electronic media refers to television, radio, internet, Cable network etc.

Both these types of media have been well received and used by almost everyone on this planet. Many of these media have even made human life easier as there now exists such easy types of communication media. But are these available media options all that good? Not necessarily. Many of these media have negative effects as well as positive effects on the society and students.

The positive and negative effects of media have been listed as follows.

Positive and negative effects of Media

Positive effects of Media:

  • Awareness:

Media such as newspapers, television and internet can be used as on the best means to develop some basic awareness about the world. With the help of media, both teenagers and the adults can get a deeper insight into what is happening today. General awareness about the world is very important to make responsible citizens.

  • Developing Social Skills:

With the help of electronic and print media, people get a chance to develop their social skills. They can interact with new people over the internet. Or they can publish their writings and have a network of reader with whom they interact on a daily basis. It is very important for us to be socially reachable and sound. Media are the greatest way to do that.

  • Inspirational stuff:

Media can be used as a great way to get on with some inspiration. Teenagers can benefit from this for their overall perspective of life. Reading stories and events about some of the great people around the world, or watching s documentary on the television can really help in lifting up their inspiration. Some movies on the television can also work as an inspiration booster which is a must for today’s’ generation.

  • Improved mind-body coordination:

The video games played on the computer or the internet also constitute a major part of media. These games can be seen as a positive way to boost the body and mind coordination among the teenagers. Along with this, their motor skills and coordination is improved overall.

  • Reading/Writing Skills:

Reading newspaper or an education magazine daily helps develop reading or writing skills in an individual. Reading is always good for the mind and soul. Also, various celebrities talking on a TV interview about a book they loved may give you a push to go on and try reading it yourself too. This will have a positive effect on your mind and your reading and writing skills shall definitely be improved. But these benefits cannot sugar-coat the negatives that come with media. There is some truth in what people say today.

Negative effects of Media:

  • Uneven body image perspectives:

With the media ever increasing, the body image and its perceiving has totally been impaired among the new generation. Media sporting celebrities with perfect body shapes and figures has led the new generation to believe that this is the only standard form of a body. Body shaming and disgracing are some common effects of this. Also, media enhancements such as Photoshop has made the true meaning of beauty to fade away which only seems to carry the negative effects.

  • Promoting violence:

Movies on the television and online games on the computer nowadays seem to promote violence openly, making it look very normal. This induces wrong values in the society, especially the children. Media in these terms shows all kind of negative effects on every one.

  • Risky Sexual Behavior:

Media these days is seen to promote too much sexual stuff in every form. Children and teenagers, at their age, are prone to get easily swayed or confused by this. The irresponsible exposure to such stuff only induces a risky sexual behavior among people and children which is not good in any way.

  • Advertisement mania:

Thanks to the media, everything nowadays is getting commercial. Teenagers and children are led to believe that happiness can only be bought, not felt. By commercializing everything, human minds have led to believe that every such thing is good for the society, or at least important.

  • Obesity:

With the increased exposure to media devices, obesity is seen to increase in people. They are hooked to either the electronic media or the print media all day, thus eliminating the outdoor activities.

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