Positive and negative effects of love

Love is one of the strongest emotion we all value at a level greater than most things. it can exist between two or more individuals. It could be of any type existing. Love of a mother, father and love between friends, or love between our parents. It is a sacrosanct feeling, which has no boundaries, conditions and maybe referred to as altruistic also at times. Wars have been fought in the name of love.

Positive and negative effects of love

Be it love for a woman, love for legislature, love for the country, love for the freedom etc. We also go to any lengths for keeping our love safe fight for it, kill for it , but the most beautiful part of love is to give without having any expectation of returns. In this article we will see some of the positive and negative effects of love.

Positive effects of love:

There are probably a million things to speak about the goodness of love but we will talk about few.

>> A positive company
When you love somebody and that person loves you back, you can never say that you are alone. They would always be there for you. Take a stand for you. Stay with you through your best and worst times. Always offer constant support and encouragement.

>>Antidote to anxiety disorder
Some people isolate themselves, shy away for varied reasons. love helps them overcome the fear, anxiety and keeps them happy. They learn to stay strong, be brave and stand for their love which helps a lot in mixing and touching the society.

By saying that you could be offered intimacy by someone who loves you does not imply only sexual intercourse. Rather it means a real deep bond, which goes beyond physicality deep down the heart. It is a warm hug, or the positivity delivered by just holding hands. It is beautiful to have someone who understands the heart, mind and soul just as well as his or her own or even may be better than themselves.

>> Decreases Stress levels
Studies have shown that people who have someone to share with, talk to, love and be loved have shown a really high difference in stress levels. They lead a much productive and a happy life. The five-minute hearty laughs or conversation with a loved one can bring down your stress levels to 0.

Negative effects of love:

>>Losing focus, distraction
When in love, we tend to repeatedly think of the person almost every time. This is not such an encouraging thing, in fact this accounts for poor work ethic. It also means that the emotion of love life is carried on which has such a strong influence on people that work is neglected or poorly executed. Keeping the emotions at a bay when it comes to love, is critical.

>>Sleep deprivation
Once someone’s in love they hardly have a proper night’s sleep. Possibly thinking and dreaming or texting, talking to their love. But this has a very bad effect on their sleep cycle. It can cause building up weakness for the next day and other health issues.

>>unhealthy jealousy
When we fall in love, we are become possessive of that person. In these proceedings getting jealous is understandable if someone is trying to take his or her place. But beyond a margin this jealousy can cause a strain in the relationship, and make one do really stupid things in pure anger.

>>time consuming
When you love somebody, you invest so much of your time into that person you probably don’t even realize how time passes by. You may spend hours sending cute memes, pics. Going on talking on and on is another pathetic time-consuming activity.

Breaking up with one true love isn’t easy. But due to some reason if the relationship fails people literally pave their way to self-destruction, by resolving to addiction, force and even to the extent of committing suicides.

>>priority issues
We believe that the most ideal of leading life is to be loving ourselves. We work hard to make our lives happen, our careers, interests, passions and opinions. But in a relationship, there is a conflict between the tastes or beliefs which puts the whole love thing to a huge question, if whether it is worth it. Therefore, priority issues arise when in relationship.

Therefore, these are some of the positive and negative effects of love. An essentiality, a drug which should not be misused. After all who could argue that the world exists because there is love existing between fellow human beings.

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