Positive and negative effects of legalizing weed

Cannabis or marijuana or most commonly referred to as weed are a psychoactive drug meant for medicinal purpose or recreation. These are extracted from cannabis plant. weed produces instant physiological and psychological effect on the consumer. The effects include stoned or a high feeling and basically euphoria dawn over if it has to be precise.

In most countries possession, use or sale of weed is highly restricted. Whereas there are also countries which has legalized weed on demand. Medicinal weed is allowed to be used in countries like Germany, Spain and U.S.
Following up some positive and negative effects of legalizing weed would be discussed.

Positive and negative effects of legalizing weed

Positive effects of legalizing weed:

Revenue Cultivation
Legalization of weed brings in a huge income in the form of tax in one of the most creative ways. Since it is demanded, government can derive huge revenue which can be used for improving life conditions of people.

>>Disruption of organized crime
The legalization of weed could disrupt the crimes of illicit drug dealers. Making weed less of value to these dealers brings down crime rate to some extent. This could save lives of many people

>> Safer quality
There are instances of poisonous stuff being mixed in weed, thereby poor-quality weed, when bought from a drug dealer illicitly. But if weed is legalized the option of obtaining it from government gives a safer quality of weed.

>>Medical benefits
The providence of usage of weed apart from recreational purposes also helps to research on to make real time medicinal use of marijuana(weed). Marijuana helps in the effective treatment Crohn’s disease, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis (MS) and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

>>Cancer Treatment
Intake of marijuana helps in curing of vomiting and nausea sensation from cancer chemotherapy. When taken in vaporized form also helps in easing neuropathic pain.

Negative effects of legalizing weed:

The regular use of substance like weed leads to strong addiction towards it. It so turns out to be something as necessary as water or oxygen without which life seems impossible. It causes restlessness, anxiety in regular consumers in the absence of the drug.

>>Perception difference
Under the influence marijuana, human beings have an altered perception state of mind, which causes a case of cloudiness, or rather impairing in motor nerves. Most accidents that happen are due to reckless drivers who are under the influence of marijuana, in a high mental state.

>>Brain damage
A continued usage of the drug over a period of time can lead to issue in the flow of blood vessels in brain even after abstaining from the drug for over a period of one to two months. We already now how badly weed affects motor nerves. Apart from that, it also causes partial amnesia and nervous weakness.

>>Harmful effect on bystanders
We know that smoking of tobacco causes real great harm not only to the individual who smokes but also to bystanders in fact it causes worse effects on their health than the direct consumer. Similarly, weed cause much more poor effect than tobacco when inhaled by a bystander.

>>Children and drug abuse
Legalizing weed would lead to a higher accessibility rate to reach of young kids. The effect that marijuana would cause on young growing, developing minds and bodies is just catastrophic. Due to legalizing weed there is a higher chance of teens and youngsters getting their hands on these stuffs.

>>Lung degradation
The usage of weed leads to a faster degradation of lungs than tobacco. This is because weed or marijuana has twice the number of carcinogens than the regular tobacco like cigarettes. For the direct streaming of weed into blood, when people vaporize it, they tend to inhale it much more deeply than regular smoke causing higher time exposure of lungs to the chemicals.

>>Heart diseases
Arrhythmia, heart blockades and attacks may stem from the use of weed. Studies have recorded a substantial rate of increase in heartbeat after smoking weed.

>> Increase in violence
People who tend to continuous usage of weed would develop fairly violent reactions causing problems like domestic violence or attempt to rape or physical assaults. The intake of weed by teens is highly disturbing since it would turn them into ruthless animals, if intake is not kept in check.

>>Overall Mental health
The continuous usage of weed would poorly fail thinking ability or proper cognitive functioning thereby resulting in schizophrenia or even to the state of comma if overdosed.

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