Positive and negative effects of knowledge

Positive and negative effects of knowledge

Positive and negative effects of knowledge

Knowledge is an understanding or awareness of facts, skills, or information. One gains knowledge by discovering or learning from experiences or education. In every field of education, its definition is different and is a cause of debate among philosophers and intellectuals. The internet has eased the access to information regarding any subject or topic which enhances our knowledge. But, whether this information is true and reliable, is questionable. Other than theoretical knowledge, we analyze our circumstances and experiences to gain information that academic books can’t provide. Though knowledge provides numerous benefits, one can’t miss knowing its gloomy side. Let us discuss the positive and negative effects of knowledge below.

Positive effects of knowledge:

Here are few advantages that knowledge grants to an individual and mankind.

Develop nation

Every nation wants a high knowledgeable leader. To run a country, a leader must know the conditions of citizens and their expectations. A correct information and knowledge help in making favorable and welfare policies with productive outcomes. Knowledge helps in examining provisions and predicts the result of measures taken to achieve an objective. Thus, by making accurate decisions, knowledge takes a nation upward on the ladder of development. Experts, intellectuals, and businessmen with high knowledge contributes in the economic growth of a nation.

Make wise decisions

Knowledge enhances the mental stimulation. It provides the ability to infer things correctly. With high cognitive processing, a person can acknowledge the numerous possible outcomes of a situation and can make a fair decision by comprehending them. In addition, it helps in analyzing all career opportunities and in making a suitable choice.

Respect principles and values

Studies have concluded that consistent reading and learning makes a person better observer. A person with greater observation sees society differently and helps in making it better, by kindness. One realizes that satisfaction and content come from within and welfare of needy people. Knowledge makes a person moral and brings a positive attitude. Thus, the information provides a path to endless happiness.

Improves thinking and learning

Knowledge comes through reading which helps in developing thinking skills and improves learning ability. Those with a rich base of factual knowledge find it easier to learn new things. It enhances cognitive processes like problem solving and reasoning. When we have a background knowledge of a topic, our brain makes a connection between prior information and new reading. With prior knowledge, we get to learn extra as our working memory has huge space for new facts. This way, we become capable of retaining new facts and our mental stimulation improves.

Help achieve goals

As they grow, people focus on specific skills to achieve their goals. Every work kind requires different mental abilities. Many define skills as critical and cognitive mental processing. But, without better learning of a particular field, one finds it difficult to excel those skills. Having prior knowledge of a specific subject helps us master it and attain our objectives. It allows firms to make informed and better choices.

Technology advancement

Today, science and technology have reached an indefinable position. The technology discovered hitherto is ‘prior knowledge’ and with its help, the scientists are moving toward advanced technology. Knowledge helps scientists invent new machines. It develops businesses who use modern technology and enhances their growth.

Negative effects of knowledge:

Though knowledge is an asset in several aspects, the consequences might turn negative at times.

Destruction ability

Knowledge engenders nuclear weapons and terrorist organizations. People, who could have been scientists and researchers, have become suicide bombers and mass shooters. Creation of atom bombs has increased stress among communities and nationals. Today, terror is widespread across the globe and nations are holding multilateral conventions to find a solution. In a way, knowledge contributes to the disturbance in peaceful environment and society.

Negative competition

Knowledge has increased the competition among youngsters, businesses, and nations. It has led to the suicides among students with lower abilities. An employee with high knowledge sets a mark, which other colleagues find difficult to achieve. In addition, it lowers their motivation and self-esteem. At times, it may cause rivalry among employees in extreme situation, which can muddle the overall functioning and management of an organization.

Knowledge grows exponentially. Along with it, comes the power to create or destroy. Effective regulation in an education system is a productive step. The teachers and parents must impart righteous values in their students and children so that they can make fair decisions in future. With a responsive mind and attitude, one can make better use of knowledge and help in surviving mankind and humanity.

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