Positive and negative effects of Kilauea

Humans are called master mind of this planet. For every natural as well as artificial response in the nature, there is always an association of human activities.  Eruptions of volcanoes, Tsunami, Earthquakes are few of the natural calamities that come to us without any knock. Apart from natural calamity, sometimes these active volcanoes are responsible of making our habitat, a lively habitat and perfect place to live.

Positive and negative effects of Kilauea

Kilauea is one of such nice example of nature’s activities that is currently a topic of discussion for any round tables. To start with, we must be familiar with the whereabouts of Kilauea. It is currently an active shield of volcano in the Hawaiian Islands. It is one of the active volcanoes that combine with other five volcanoes to make island of Hawaii.

There are many positive and negative effects of Kilauea that are being documented by the various environmentalists. To start with, we have a list of positive effects:

Positives of Kilauea:


With the presence of Kilauea volcano, the place has become one of the most attractive tourist places for the world. People from various corners of world are interested to pay their visit and witness the eye catchy scene of active volcano eruption in Hawaii. In the past few years, it has been seen that there is a major increase in the revenue of tourism industry due to shifting interest of people from all over the world to see Kilauea.

Geothermal energy

If we talk about the positive impact of Kilauea, we cannot deny from the fact that it offers an abundant source of geothermal energy to the nearby areas. Since, the presence of volcano is a strong source of magma, this could be used to harness geothermal energy and could be optimized to use for various purposes.


The benefit of having Kilauea gets more overweighed when we talk about the increase in fertility of the near land. It has been noticed that due to presence of volcanoes, the nearby places could easily get major nutrients that are deposited in the pasts. The eruption of volcano makes it easy to get all the nutrients and spread them in the nearby land.

All these positive effects of Kilauea are known to offer a great profit to the place and the people living near it. However, there are few of the negative impacts or hazards that are associated with Kilauea.

Negatives of Kilauea:

Lava flows

Due to active nature of Kilauea, there is a constant flow of lava from it. This makes it very difficult to the people living around. This lava flow is always an impending danger to the nearby places and is a threat to the infrastructure of the surroundings places. These lava flows pose a threat to the roads, houses and other associated infrastructures.

Volcanic gases

Another negative effect of Kilauea is that with it, there is always an abundance of volcanic gases that are consistently produced from Kilauea. These gases are rich in sulfur oxide. If we talk about the nature of these constant volcanic gases, they could create serious health hazards to mental as well as physical state of the person who is in direct contact with these gases.

Airborne ejected fragments

Due to constant eruption of gases and lava from Kilauea, an airborne ejection of various fragments is being taken place. This can seriously interfere with the respiratory phenomenon of an individual. Hence, Kilauea can create serious distress to the respiratory phenomenon of a normal individual.

Ground cracks

The shallow movement of magma can lead to introduction of direct ground cracks on the ground surface. These cracks could be one mile long and could be 6 feet wide in nature.

Explosive eruptions

Though these are uncommon with Kilauea, but still there are chances to have explosive eruptions with Kilauea. Due to magma and water interaction, huge steam explosions might take place.

The above mentioned positive and negative effects of Kilauea describe its presence and essence in the nature. Although there are several positive benefits of Kilauea, one should not forget about the impending dangers that are well associated with Kilauea.

Nature is always neutral with human race. It is the human centric activities that had made it in favor or against us. In conclusion, we must know that Kilauea is one of the nature’s activities that hold the positive and negative impacts altogether. As a wise race ,we should limit our actions and redirect them to get best benefits from it!

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