The negative effects of Juul

Cigarette smoking causes cancer – well, that’s a given seeing the toxic byproducts that you end up inhaling each time you smoke. And let’s not forget the fact that cigarettes are notoriously addictive, which is why the vaping industry was born – to provide smokers and nicotine addicts with a healthy alternative. But now it seems that the healthy alternative tagline may have all been just hype as various studies have indicated vaping to be as harmful as cigarettes but not just in the way you expected it to be. This is why you should take a closer look at the negative effects of Juul, one of the much-touted cigarette alternatives that looks like a USB and acts like one in delivering the required nicotine dosage to your body.

The negative effects of Juul

For starters, Juul packs quite a punch, nicotine wise in the sense that the strength in the nicotine pods which contain glycerol, benzoic acid, and nicotine stand at 5%. Normal vapers come with a nicotine strength of .3% which is why most users tend to chain smoke the same as they are not getting their regular fix. However, when you start chain vaping a 5% nicotine mix, this can lead you to become addicted to a higher nicotine dosage. Eventually, this can impact your cardiovascular health, which is why it makes sense to go in for a lower dosage.   Furthermore, the Juul does not allow you to use other pods of lesser strength; rather it is a closed system so you are stuck with vaping higher amounts of nicotine which can have a detrimental effect on your health in the long run.

And since Juul is widely marketed as a vaper that does not provide noxious smoke, or causes your hands to stink – they have been a real hit with young teens. Thanks to this product, younger nicotine addicts are being enabled daily and the effects of high nicotine delivery on young bodies are more intense than on fully developed adults. While this is not to imply that Juul is one of the reasons for the current increase in teen heart attacks, it can certainly be a contributing factor.

And then, there’s the addictive component of Nicotine to be considered; Juul offers customers a stronger nicotine delivery system sans the baggage of noxious smoke and smelly hands. As a result, it has managed to corner a huge market, among adults and teens alike. The problem though is that most of these teens become hooked onto larger dosages of nicotine and may experience severe withdrawal symptoms should they desist from vaping, using Juul any longer. These are some of the associated negative effects that come with Juul and one that you should seriously consider, before purchasing it.

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