Positive and negative effects of joining a sorority

Sorority is an organization which performs philanthropic activities. It is common in western countries including United States, Canada, and France. The members join the sorority during their graduation period and retain the membership for life. Their purpose of joining is upholding the ideas, values, and spirit of the organization and spread the same among the communities. A sorority is an advanced version of Greek Letter Organization (GLO), which constituted either male or female members and had Greek lifestyle and related symbol for the organization. Today, a sorority allows membership to both men and women and people consider it beneficial in their college, career, and professional life. Though a sorority grants numerous benefits, its popularity is going downward following criticism regarding illegal and vicious activities.

Positive and negative effects of joining a sorority

Positive effects of joining a sorority:

A sorority prospers professional and social life of an individual.

Encourage philanthropic activities

A large donation is common among sororities. By joining a sorority, an individual learns the ways of contributing to the society and create a change. Philanthropic activities performed by a sorority turns a member into a moral, practical, and responsible person. It instills the value of social service in the members and makes them worthy citizens of a country and mankind.

Make sociable

A foremost benefit of joining a sorority is an extended network of friends. This reason encourages students in a college to join the organization. Several events and parties allow members to know each other and share their values and experiences. Joining a sorority diminishes the occurrence of a social isolation and keep members engaged in an activity or event.

Academic benefits

A fine mental and physical health are crucial for an excellent academic result and a sorority provides both. As the members include seniors and juniors, a student can take a help from any member regarding studies. Many sororities in colleges keep a special study period in their schedule where they hold sessions and tutor the members. Studies show that sorority provides a reliable platform to college students for an overall development.

Develop skills

Every new member of a sorority has expectations and a high potential to enhance and search his/her abilities. Sorority provides numerous opportunities to members in upgrading their skills. By performing philanthropic activities, the members learn humane behavior and their responsibilities toward society. Also, organizing an event and serving on different committees helps develop and extend collaboration and leadership skills. Such skills enhancement at an early age boosts decision making in professional and personal life.

Provide career opportunities

A significant advantage of joining a sorority is career opportunities after college. Sorority constitutes members of different age, profession, and background. And while working together, members start to realize the potential of each other. At times, a member (say businessman) may hire another member (a college student) after perceiving his/her performance. Today, every sorority have their websites and pages on social networking sites which keep the audience informed about their work and awardees. These websites help members in achieving recognition and gaining job applications.

Negative effects of joining a sorority:

The negative effects of joining a sorority are rising with the modernity in time.

Involve high expenses

The cost of joining a sorority is huge. At first, the membership fees and dues are approximately 20-25 percent of the tuition fee. Then, the events and activities create a giant hole in the pocket of a member. In addition, the donation is also important for the philanthropic and social service. All these expenses enlarge the trouble a person or a student encounter while meeting necessary expenditure.


Hazing includes activities that new members perform to show their devotion toward a sorority. In ancient time, people took pledges for devoting their mind and body to the sorority. Today, such pledges have taken the form of harassment and abuse. Many reports confirmed deaths following a forced inhumane activity (such as consuming alcohol or drugs) in the name of pledge and sincerity to the sorority.

Restrict interactions

A sorority is popular for social network and friends. But it can limit this network by putting restrictions such as avoiding conversation with members of another group and staying in the sorority they belong. Such constraints may stress a person and diminish the willingness to extend a friend circle.

Disrupt time management

Sorority requires the time commitment from all members. At times, contributing a definite time to the organization in everyday life becomes difficult. A member finds hardship in managing time for family, job, friends, and sorority.

The merits and demerits a person encounters after joining a sorority depend on the nature of the organization. And this nature includes, whether a sorority knows its purpose. In real, a sorority’s core purpose is keeping alive the organization’s values and inculcate the same in new members and every organization must remember this. To avoid an unfavorable outcome, a student or a person must research on the group and apply for the membership, accordingly. Also, the college authorities and municipalities should ensure that every activity or event stays within the law.

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