Positive and Negative effects of internet

Internet has taken the world by surprise with its magnificent powers of eliminating the boundaries of space and time. Its grandeur is magnified by the fact that it enables one to do tasks that were regarded as nothing short of “miraculous” by people a few decades ago.
Internet is a global system of inter connected networks that help the sharing and manipulation of various kinds of data by following a set of protocols. Internet service providers help you get a connection to this wide network. Though internet has proven beneficial to us, it has its negative points. Let us explore them in detail.

Positive and Negative effects of internet

Positive effects of Internet

“Right now, with social networks and other tools on the Internet, all of those 500 million people have a way to say what they’re thinking and have their voice be heard” says Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook.

Internet has made doing research on an elementary level much easier. Instead of pouring over old books we can as well type a few words on the net and get all relevant information in a matter of seconds. This has helped build the conceptual framework of scholars and encouraged sharing of knowledge.

Communication has shifted from snail mails of e-mails, long lines in front of telephone booths to smart phones and post cards to GIFs. One can now log on to Skype and have a face to face chat using its video calling services and that too free of cost! Reuniting with childhood friends on social networking sites and catching up with families have never been easier!

Teleconferencing and data sharing helps people around the globe sit together in a conference. It saves a lot of traveling time and cost and can be conducted anywhere, anytime. Internet also facilitates people by tracking weather reports. If there’s a hurricane due, your net would warn you!

Internet has increased employment in a number of ways. One can work from the luxury of their home on the internet now. Posting of advertisements and recruiting employees from all around the globe is facilitated by the net. One can display their products on the net and connect with prospective buyers with distance not being an issue.

Trade is flourishing due to e-commerce sites. E-wallets are also helping and encouraging business. Boundaries of nations are not a problem anymore. Also, nowadays shopping with your wife doesn’t necessarily mean walking up and down the streets laden with bags in the scorching sun.

Internet has made several tasks easier, cheaper and faster. Data storage and retrieval doesn’t take hours and long piles of notebooks, all you need is a little pen drive and some handy skills.

Negative effects of Internet

With information, internet also provides us with entertainment. Games are one of the top forms of online entertainment. Adults and children alike are sometimes addicted to these games which can be extremely harmful for them, both personally and professionally. They start devoting most of their time to the net, and as the old saying goes “Time is Money”.

Again, with scholastic information, some rampantly unproductive content is also available freely on the net which can corrupt the minds of young, growing children. Violent and overly inappropriate visuals can cause long lasting damage.
Social networking, though beneficial, can sometimes engulf you in the virtual reality to such an extent that you start losing your actual identity. People lose touch with around the in order to communicate with people miles away. Needless to say, it ends relationships disastrously.

Data manipulation by criminals on the net causes breaches that can be extremely harmful. Internet facilitates all sorts of hackers and crackers, leaving your data vulnerable. No matter how high a method of security we use, internet permits loopholes to exist.

Lack of creativity and Cyber bullying are other instances of disadvantages of the net. Insomnia, physical inactivity, abandonment of the family, internet addiction, cheating, corruption, morally unacceptable behavior and crimes are on the rise since internet came into existence.

It has its great uses, but internet is also a potential hazard. To justly sum up the powers of the net, I’ll echo Dorothy Gambrell (Cat and Girl Volume I),
“If television’s a babysitter, the Internet is a drunk librarian who won’t shut up.”


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