Positive and negative effects of the increased use of information technology

Information technology (IT), in general, is a program that fulfills the computer technology needs of businesses, government institutions and undertakings, and other organizations. IT specialists use the technology in software development and installation and managing the administration of an organization. The technology has been experiencing advancement since decades and today, widely employed among small start-ups as well as the international organizations. While constituting high storage capacity and easy transmission and reception of encrypted data, the information technology has made conventional means including punched tapes an obsolete. In recent times, the rapid growth of the information technology in every field and sector has eased billions of lives.

Positive and negative effects of the increased use of information technology

Positive effects of the increased use of information technology

Information technology transformed the business management and social lives.

Information storage and safety

The invention of transistors in the mid 20th century contributed to the making of electronic storage devices, which stores the databases of an organization and information over the internet. Along with the storage, the software applications keep tracks of any cyber activity and secure the data from hacking. Various codes restrict the accessibility to the company’s files and secretive data. This factor encourages institutions and companies to employ information technology.


A few decades from now,  the conventional companies had to organize a small event every now and then to advertise their products. In addition, they had a limited audience which meant a small number of clients and buyers. With the information technology, every business got an equal opportunity to advertise the products by creating company’s website over the internet. They share the site link on the social media to create their brands’ awareness among masses. Even customers find it easy to make deals through digital means.


As of today, the word communication has a completely different meaning. Sharing a view, thought, idea, or an information without being physically present in a meeting through video conferencing, such possibility was unimaginable years from now. But, today, the world don’t have any company or an organization, which don’t rely upon IT for their communication purposes. An application mails every mandatory information to all employees. Cell phones have removed the continuous movement to carry a message in the working area. No technology has impacted a human’s social life to this extent than information technology.


Automation has become a necessity of large-scale industries including automobiles manufacturing and food processing industries among others. All an operator need is a software installation. This has limited the major accidents in factories and construction sites, where humans carried heavy objects and appliances. In addition, automation has reduced the time take to manufacture one unit. Today, an industry can manufacture fifty units compared to one. The economy of many exporting countries showed growth with its employment.

Job creation

Information technology is a boon for start-ups and technology-based ventures. Today, a person doesn’t require a huge sum of money and land to start a business but an internet, using which, he can convert an idea into a picture and engage many other job seekers to convert this small space into a big empire like Amazon, Facebook, and Google.

Negative effects of the increased use of information technology

The following limitations negatively impact the growth and development of businesses as well as a human being.

Security issues

While information technology has eased the workload and expenses of the businesses, the increased use has raised questions about the data security. The amount of time every person spend on the internet, he stays at the risk of cyber attack for an equal time period. Knowing this, businesses employ high security for their databases and files, but every day some account gets hacked. It means no reliable security system is available at present, which stresses every businessman.

Limited jobs

The increased use of information technology has replaced the human resource. A postman, who used to deliver messages, no longer exists. Factories, which appreciated human strengths, have little jobs for manpower. Online ordering has taken the jobs of shop owners in small towns. While IT has simplified the jobs of many, it has seized the opportunity to earn bread of many others.

Social limitations

An over-dependence on the information technology has loosened a student’s concentration and heighten the inactiveness. The technology provided numerous software applications in every field that a child hardly require advice from parents, teachers, and friends. This has led to the increased social inactivity. In addition, the vast amount of information on these applications confuses a person and affect the proper mental stimulation.

Though the information technology is a gift to the mankind, the fear still persists. A right human behavior, a correct business attitude, and a few bilateral and international conventions can help in overcoming this fear.

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