Negative effects of Hypnosis

Hypnotism is where you are put into an altered state of consciousness by a hypnosis expert, one which leaves you open to suggestions. In fact, hypnosis is often recommended by certain psychologists as a way to overcome some deep-seated fear or trauma. Generally, hypnosis was thought to be safe and in a sense beneficial for the overall health but that’s before medical experts started noticing that hypnosis can cause you to experience several side effects. So before you head over to a hypnosis expert, you may want to check out some of the associated negative effects of hypnotism.

Negative effects of Hypnotism

Dizziness: While hypnosis is supposed to induce a relaxed or calm state of mind and it does do that by tapping into the sub-consciousness, the fact remains that the episode can leave you feeling dizzy and at times be unable to stand upright without requisite help for a while. Not everyone gets to experience dizziness and what’s more, most hypnosis experts tell you that you are calm, relaxed as they wake you up out of the trance. Despite this, a few individuals do end up feeling extremely dizzy post a hypnosis session.

Nausea: A few individuals have even reported being extremely nauseous post a hypnosis session to the point of throwing up, shortly after a session got over. The common theory is that it is the body’s defense mechanism that’s kicking in and that’s the result of the same. The problem though is that although hypnosis has been studied and even researched, there is no clear explanation for why it causes adverse reactions in some, more than others. This only underscores the fact that when it comes to hypnosis we have barely scratched the surface.

Stomach upset and abdominal cramps: This is rarer than most of the other adverse reactions and as pointed out earlier, you may experience gastrointestinal effects would be on account of your body’s defense kicking in and trying to purge your body of toxins. That’s the theory and as hypnosis and its effects are still being studied, you may want to be prepared for some side effects as you head over for a session.

Fatigue: And even though a hypnosis state does tax your brain to an extent and that you may be commanded to confront traumatic memories, generally these sessions should leave you refreshed as you awake from the altered state of consciousness. But more than  a few customers had reported feeling extremely fatigued and tired once they were woken up from their altered state. This can indeed be troubling.

False memories: One of the drawbacks to hypnosis is that it can create false memories; the human brain is indeed a wonderful organ and a powerful one at that. In the course of a session, a hypnosis expert can help create false memories to help you deal with a particular trauma or a bad situation. And while that does serve its purpose, it also creates a false memory in your head and this can be indeed troubling.

These are some of the associated negative effects that come with hypnotism. So before you book a session, you may want to become aware of the fact that hypnotism does come with side effects.

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