Positive and negative effects human have on environment

Global warming, species extinction, climatic changes, melting of polar icecaps, environment degradation such as air, water pollution. what do you think all these are, they are simply effects of the environment due to human activities. We are actually destroying the God’s creation. The reason and causes for all these impacts is, overpopulation and their unsatisfying needs, also called greediness.
Positive and Negative Effects human have on environment
Nature is just like a mirror. We can do well to the environment by just keeping calm and not indulging in the destruction of the nature. Because doing positive is nothing but the counter part of doing negative.

Positives of Humans on environment:

Everything is interdependent
In this nature, nothing can live in isolation, no matter what context it may be.
Food chain-we the humans constitute and contribute in the food chain. We are part of it. If one of the sector or contributor is missing, then the whole food chain will get dissolved. Leading to disruptacy.

Helping hand for rare species
When it comes to human idea about preserving the rare and endangered species it is really helping hand to them. The very idea of creating a home atmosphere like national parks, botanical parks, zoo parks etc. for the animals, can be only done by humans. They have provided a home and tried giving them all the comforts, which they had in forests, they even provide food to them.

Humans are using alternative ways
In order to preserve the natural resources, and use them efficiently, humans are actually going for the alternatives like using renewable resources. I.e. CNG, solar energy, wind energy, etc. we are bringing in advanced techniques in many areas ranging from agriculture to industries. Main revolution is water harvesting, irrigation by drip method. To reduce the air pollution, we are growing more and more plants, I.e. afforestation. We are even reducing the wastes from industries by implementing new technologies.

We have many organizations and area of study dedicated to the protection of environment.
These organizations ban the production of industries which produce harmful gases and promote conservation of the nature. They have introduced many measures for preservation of environment and species. Some organization even started protecting animals (prey) from predators. It is because few species which are already rare are becoming prey to its predator resulting in complete extinction. This is a new way of protecting them, may be unsuccessful for all animals, but to some extent it is helping hand.

Negatives of Human activities on environment:

Firstly we can consider the foremost problem. I.e. POLLUTION. It is so evident that, humans dump a lot of waste in the environment, leaving the land dwelling species to succumb to death. And also their activities release, many harmful gases. And not only air, we are continuously depleting the quality of soil, water, not leaving any element. This behavior of humans actually acts as a mirror. It reflects totally on to the humans again. Due to which we will not have proper ventilation, pure air, water. Already there is a large sector of people, who are not having clean drinking water. We are destroying ourselves.

We will buy air also
Olden days, they used to laugh when someone predicted, “we have to buy water someday in the future” they were glad about this, but now we are doing the same. We are actually buying water. And one day we will reach to that level of destruction of nature, that we will buy oxygen as well. If this continues, everyone will be having one oxygen pump.

Acid rain
We have heard a lot about acid rains, all this is due to humans again. When nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxides, carbon oxides are released in to the atmosphere, they go and accumulate in the clouds. And when it rains, it is not the water droplets but it is saturated form of these harmful gases. These harmful solvents come and settle on water bodies, causing death of many water dwelling animals. It is actually a slow poison to all species.

Ozone layer depletion
Ozone layer which helps in protecting the earth from harmful U.V rays emitted by the sun, is now getting depleted. We are already seeing the effects, we can’t imagine our earth without it, and we can’t step out of our homes. But still, we have time for regaining the ozone layer, ad advanced theories are coming up to solve this problem, it will take really longer time for us to do so. So, until then we have to be very careful.

As we are the species who can speak, care, memorize, think. We should contribute a larger helping nature to the other species, which cannot do it for themselves.

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