Positive and negative effects of graphic organizer

We begin with trying to infer what is graphic organizer. Graphic organizer is a pedagogical method to represent and visualize data for better learning efficiency. And if we wonder why would it be important, then the answer is that it provides better understanding and core depth analysis with utmost segmented clarity in any subject or topic. All the visual learning strategies like branching, mapping up of information or even graphs at that would be considered as a part of operation of graphic organizer.

Positive and negative effects of graphic organizer

Understanding a wide spectrum of topic with proper analysis of inter networks in the topic and correlating and subject division, most importantly areas of focus is accomplished by the usage of graphic organizer.

Positive effects of graphic organizer:

>>Visualize data
Understanding data through figures, maps, diagrams brings in a creative approach to the task of learning. It makes one understand the core essence of the subject to a good depth. It procures and establishes a very good foundation to have further expanse and cause great developments of the existing ideas.

>>Critical thinking and retention
When an individual learns subject with the help of graphic organizer, he develops critical thinking and develops good information retentivity ability, which proves it very efficient and effective in exams or explaining the topic to a group of people. Having a clear picture of what is the subject gives the opportunity to further think on it, thereby developing new branches of the idea.

>>Comprehensibility and better achievements
The graphic organizer creates visualized understanding of the subject that causes better comprehensibility, quick paced learning for students. It can furnish all the important information in a single page which otherwise written sentence by sentence would cost pages of strenuous work. The quick understanding leads children toward better achievements of grades.

>> organize information
Graphic organizers help to reconstruct and organize the data in a helpful fashion which proves very useful in teaching, since it would lead to better understanding due to systematic approach.

>> Paper saving
Having a graphic organizer means we are conserving words, space and most importantly lots of paper. It is convenient and less effort taking to make a sheet comprising of all the required information than writing everything down and studying pages and pages of data.

Negative effects of graphic organizer:

>>ease of usage
As easy as it may seem to use the handout and product of a graphic designer, unfortunately it isn’t quite that easy to master it. It takes quite an effort initially to learn proper utility of the graphic organizer, to make the required spreadsheet, to properly make any of creative shapes. It isn’t as simple as taking a pen and drawing a curve on a notebook.

>>note taking
Graphic organizer affects note taking abilities of a student to a great extent. As studies have proven writing is a serious essentiality when it comes to retentivity of information during an exam or further ahead of time.

Since it is too well structured, the information puts a limitation to its inference. It constricts the individual from reading further or analyzing at a next level. The individual ends up learning whatever lies in the boundary of spread sheet created by the graphic organizer. It affects inquisitively and self-sorting and structuring ability as a person.

>> time consuming
It is practically time consuming to make a spread sheet with the aid of a graphic organizer. Like mentioned earlier, it takes its own fair share of hard work and time to make one viable for future use.

>> effect on handwriting
Like mentioned earlier, it replaces the tedious job of writing down each and every detail of the subject by producing a singular spread sheet to study from. It means, that it prevents the learners from edging away from writing, and possibly has a serious effect on handwriting speed, efficiency, and other factors of an individual.

>> Aborting student creativity
By producing the processed material at hand, there is a full stop being put at the opportunity of the individual’s creativity, imagination. It doesn’t let the student take any effort use any effort to recreate the whole existing information, in a totally different angle best suited as per his or her understanding.

These are some of the positive and negative effects of graphic organizer, which should be considered before trying out graphic organizer as a mode of teaching or a mode of learning.
One of the quickest evolving and an innovative way of learning with its own set of issues .

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