Positive and negative of g forces and their effects on human body

Human body follows a universal mechanism of movement and every stance of its motion is well justified with the quantum of physics. The bio- kinetic movements are well defined and well explained under every possible condition. To know more in detail about how the physics of movement is interrelated to the notions of various movements, we should be quite familiar with the different types of movement.

Positive and negative of g forces and their effects on human body

In order to know the science behind our movement with the nature, we should know about G- force in depth. G- force can be defined as a potential measurement of the type of acceleration that can easily cause the perception of weight. It can be precisely measured with the help of accelerometer and is denoted as one of the major fundamental force.

There are many related theories and arguments that support and rejects the positive effects of having G- Force on the human body.

To go ahead with positive G force, we have list of considerable information

Positives G force:

There are certain effects that are created on the human body due to presence of G force. These are:

Pushes you back

If your body is experiencing positive G effect then during any movement in relation to the position, the body will be pushed to the back. For example, if you are sitting in a car then due to impact of positive G force, your body will respond to reach and touch the seat backwards, in case of sudden application of brakes.

Blood rush to feet

The other possible effect caused by the introduction of positive G is that during the sudden encounter with positive G force, the whole collection of blood will rush towards the feet and lower extremities of the body. This is one of the most possible effects that have been caused due to introduction of positive G force.

Gray out

This condition occurs when here is diminished supply of oxygen and blood to most of the important part of the body. It occurs when due to effect of positive G, whole blood supply moves toward the down side of the body. This can cause a condition where the vision of the eyes are slightly diminished and is known as Gray out.


When the whole supply of blood is interrupted for some time, human body reaches to a medical stage where the complete black out of the body occurs. This black out could cause severe health alarming conditions. This is one of the most possible effects of G forces.

Loss of consciousness

In case, when the blood supply is interrupted for a prolonged time in an individual, there are chances that supply of oxygen gets minimized. This can result in complete loss of consciousness in an individual.


 Negative G force:

Like positive G force, there are many effects of negative G forces on human body. These could be stated as:

Pushes you towards front

If your body is experiencing negative G force, then your body will move in front direction. To make it more clearly, we can take an example of moving car. In case of sudden application of brake, the body will move toward the seat belt in case where the body is in influence of negative G forces.

Blood rushes to heart

The other possible negative effect of G force is that during its implementation to the body, blood rushes toward the heart. It is one of the most important effects of negative G force on human body.

Flushing of facial skin

This condition occurs when there is maximum flow of blood towards the face vessels. Due to sudden accumulation of blood on the face vessels, it mimics a situation where the facial skin appears to be red in color. This is one of the most important effects of negative G force.

Dilated blood vessels

The presence of negative G pressure on human body for a prolonged time could interfere with the blood supply of the body. It can result in possible dilation of blood vessels of the circulatory system of the body. This if left untreated for a longer time can create serious alarming situations.

Red out

It is a condition where the supply of blood becomes constantly high for a longer period. This could mimic a situation where the accumulated overflow of blood gives the red color appearance to the affected part. It is most commonly known as red out.

The above write up explains how the positive and negative G effect can bring considerable effects on human body!

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