Positive and negative effects of Framing

Positive and negative effects of Framing

Positive and negative effects of Framing

Framing is very important to our decisions. It is basically peoples reflex towards the same circumstance, some may take the situation in one way and some in another way like for example. Consider 2 persons, and if we gave them a choice between two situations, one person may choose to solve the situation in one way, and the other may choose another way, according to the person’s perspective.
But why do you think they have different sides and thinking for the same situation. It is not that one of them is wrong, rather each one of them is correct in their own senses. This is because, there are different fallacies and biases or simply you can say we have different priorities in our life, and hence according to our thinking and personal needs, we tend to choose rationally.

Positives of framing effects:

Framing can act as a communication with public

It actually tells the public (people) to focus on one side and, then tries to pull public to act and think in a particular way. For example, if government wants to inject the bad effects of smoking on smokers and young people, it tries to covey all the bad effects of smoking, they start campaigns. They usually try to tell and focus on one side of the topic.
Usually when one specific thing is focused, then there will be good outputs as, they focuses on only good thing, and whatever the work it may be, it will be effective.

Influences your audience

We can actually influence people, by framing the situation in to positive scenario. It actually tends to inculcate positive vibes and emotions in peoples decision making creating hope.
Always we have to try injecting our opinion in to audience, speaking the positive way about our product, rather than presenting your opponent in a negative way. But they have some fluctuations in people’s decision in this context, if you present the negative part of your competitive team, people are attentive to it, it offers the audience to grab your attention more easily, and quickly. Because it actually creates urgency to not trust the team which they have showed negatively.

Straight choice to people

When you actually frame the situation, then you are providing the audience with optimistic side of that situation, and it actually avoids confusion because, people are exposed to many opinions as well as dilemma is generated regarding multiple issues. And hence, providing those with only one side of the matter neutralizes people’s decision, because once you think, it is possible, you will make that thing to happen. If you inject a positive effect in the society, it changes their mind, and hence probability changes to possibility.

Negatives of Framing effects:

They actually influence our memories
Sometimes our methodology is being influenced. Mostly framing effects are used in politics. When a politician wants to influence the people with one decision, he only tells about the positives and avoids all the conflicting ideas as well bad impacts of that decision. It actually creates conflicts between two groups of people. Suppose if one is against passing one bill, and the other party wants that change in the society, it may have effect on public.

Wrong interpretation to public
Sometimes if they want people to act in one way, then they use negative frames, which means that they try to tell the urgency of the matter. We think our thinking is very accurate, but they have actually altered our way of choosing and thinking. Only one side is emphasized and hence, the dark side and effects are hidden, leaving future problems. There is a lot of miss-usage of framing effect on public and specifically underlining media’s manipulation and influence on common people. Politicians use this influence, they try getting votes on grounds of sympathy. As politicians grab and stick to one particular issue, and now they try to interpret it in to peoples mind. This also can be seen in advertisements.

Turns in to pure manipulation
Study and use of framing is purely turning into political side and is going deep into pure manipulation. Now, the question may raise who can and who cannot frame. There are many ways, but if you notice, the competition can actually lower this effect of framing. When the issue is divided in to two constraints’ and between two groups, then both want their opinions and ideology to be influenced on people, so this is how, competition comes into enlightenment. And this is how democracy is constituted in many countries.

Actually framing is one of the important study of public’s decision making. They say that people’s judgment or decision on a topic is based on the way the issue or matter is presented to them.

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