Positive and negative effects of food preservation

In the fast-growing economy of today’s world, almost everything has become complex. We hardly have time for anything. Most people strained under the work pressure seem to neglect their eating habits. Specially the people in the foreign countries. Most people are seen stocking on the ready to eat food, or packed food, or a bag of chips and can food. These kinds of eatables have been made for emergency uses but people are seeming to be getting dependent on them on a daily basis.

These types of foods are harmful to health if taken in too much quantity. This is because food preservation makes use of additive substances known as food preservatives. These are the elements which are used to preserve the food for a longer period of time. They prevent packaged food from going stale and inedible in a short period of time. These preservatives, when consumed in excess, can be deteriorating to a person’s health.

But there are some positive sides and some negative sides to everything. So, the positive and negative effect of the food preservation are mentioned as follows.

Positive and negative effects of food preservation

Positive effects of food preservation

  • Home food preservation: Some people make their own baby food and preserve it themselves at home without buying any packed baby food from outside. This is beneficial in 2 ways. The first one is that you won’t need to add those harmful preservatives that comes in the already packaged food. The second one is that you save a lot when you preserve your own baby food. They can have an early expiry date but at least they will be safe for consumption.
  • Save up on money: One can easily save up on money by the help of food preservation. You then won’t need to buy food stuffs every time you need some. Keeping some healthy food preservation or doing the same at home can help you save up some nice bucks every day.
  • Easy alternative in case of emergency: Suppose that you came home from work late and it is already time past the dinner time. You don’t have time and the energy to get up and prepare yourself something to eat. At such a time, food preservation is there to the rescue. You can eat some of the food preserved by you at home or the ones that are available in the market. This way, at the time of emergency, food preservation does help someone fill their hunger.

Negative Effects of Food Preservation

As per the negative effects, there can be many points in this regard. These are as follows.

  • Unfit for health: These preserved food items are really not good for health. Stale food tends to lose its nutrition content with time when kept for a long time. Eating food which is lacking in nutritional value can cause damages to health. This is a big drawback of food preservation.
  • Deadly diseases such as cancer: Food preservation can cause deadly diseases such as cancer and heart attack. Since these kind of food items fall short of nutritional values, they become the cause of these deadly diseases that slowly kills a person.
  • Obesity: Food preservation is done with the help of food preservatives which are chemicals used to protect food. These preservatives often become the cause of obesity. Preserved food is generally addictive and people tend to eat a lot of it. This increases the amount of fat in their body that makes them obese. And obesity is nothing less than a disease.
  • Increased cholesterol levels: Food preservation becomes the major cause of the rise in the cholesterol levels. The increased consumption of preserved food and the food preservatives lays more stress on both the liver and the heart. They immediately add to the cholesterol levels which are responsible for strokes and other diseases. This is also one of the very negative side effect of the food preservation.
  • Infertility: The food preservation done and consumed may be the cause of infertility. The increased amount of food preservatives taken consist of modifies GMOs which can become the primary causes of infertility in men and women.
  • Harmful for the kidneys: The preserved food that lacks the proper amount of nutrition can cause a havoc on the kidneys. Since the kidneys will have to work more than enough to digest those preservatives, they can overtime start to fall back in doing their job properly.

Food preservation when used and done at a certain extent, can prove to be beneficial in some cases. However, increased usage of it is very injurious to health and must be avoided in all cases.

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