Positive and negative effects of Facebook

Facebook is a social networking service working under the aegis of a for-profit organization, Facebook Inc., whose chairman and CEO is Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of this large network. Confined to a college campus in Massachusetts in 2004, today, it has footage in most of the parts of the world. The services Facebook provides include cost-free registration, sending friend requests to other users, posting and sharing status, photos, and videos, and a free messenger. As of 2017, the users constitute 27% of the global population. In addition, the widespread smartphone usage and accessibility of the internet has enhanced its popularity. Recently, where Facebook is expanding its coverage by modifying its services, it attracted notable attention from the world community following its alleged misuse.

Positive and negative effects of Facebook

Positive effects of Facebook:

Facebook has changed the definition of the social world.

Brings equality

Facebook provides neutral facilities and services to every person on this planet. Celebrities, national leaders, and wealthy businessmen don’t own special treatment or a classified page or an account that a few people can access. A common citizen and a high-class person, both access, post, and share in the same way.

Large social circle

The existence of a networking site like Facebook benefits an individual in staying in contact with the known and friends for a long and lifetime. Whenever someone needs help or an advice, a friend is a mere second away, because of Facebook. Facebook provides an opportunity to establish contact with people of similar interests, which can be helpful in professional life and self-development.

Digital campaigns

Social media has become commonplace to gain the attention of government toward any social cause and illegal activity. Facebook users show their support by sharing an incident or posting a unique display picture. Reports show that it takes a day for such an issue to reach Parliament house, where an issue took weeks and months for the same in past. Also, Facebook has lowered the burden of police, as users help in finding missing children or a culprit by sharing videos and photos.

Increases awareness

Internet constitutes numerous news websites and the followers are comparatively lower. These websites use the Facebook platform to inform and spread everyday reporting in the different parts of the world. In this way, Facebook makes every user a knowledgeable and intellectual person.

Negative effects of Facebook:

The digital world of Facebook has consumed the normal and healthy living.


Using a Facebook account isn’t a group thing but a sole participation. The willingness to stay in contact with the friends and the world events glued a user to the Facebook via cell phones. This has led to the isolation among youngsters, who feel comfortable and content with a virtual living in a digital world. It, in turn, affects the relationships and mandatory responsibilities in the physical world.

Live crimes

Since the Facebook introduced ‘live’ option in its application, the live crimes have increased where a user records a robbery or sexual harassment through an account. The hunger of publicity and maximum followers have influenced users to perform these inhumane activities. As a criminal can make an anonymous account or hack someone else’s account, police find it difficult to reach the real culprit.

Unstable relationships

Today, youngster find it easy and interesting to make friends on Facebook. They might develop a strong bond with someone and at the same time, a couple might argue regarding posted comments on social media. Figures show that many youngsters face breakups on Facebook. The way people end their relationships despite being physically distant and in a different situation and circumstances have proved a major stain on the social culture that humans have been developing since ages.


24*7 open application impacts normal lives of people to a great extent. The lack of concentration in a task someone is performing in the physical world is a major negative effect of continuous Facebook availability. Facebook disturbs the study time, family and friends get-together. It’s usage in late night hours raise insomnia, eye-stress, and other health issues among users. And the urge of knowing ‘what’s new’ leads to Facebook usage in working hours, which, further, impact the effective delivery of assignments and job, altogether.

Facebook is a revolution itself, which provided a single platform to every human being on this earth to communicate and share their culture. One can’t reverse the hold it possesses in this modern world in coming years. At the same time, many countries have banned the Facebook usage following the fake news and extensive violence on its services. To eliminate these limitations, human behavioral changes is must and government can contribute by creating an awareness among citizens regarding ethical use of the Facebook.

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