Negative effects of DACA

DACA or the immigration bill was meant to address the issue of immigration but the Obama administration could only apply for a short-term executive order. The issue was meant to address illegal migration and the fact that most of the children of these illegal migrants who had spent their whole lives in the US stand the risk of getting deported to a country they had never been to, in the first place.

Negative effects of DACA

The Obama administration tried out a half-hearted measure to resolve this, and this resulted in the DACA bill being introduced in the floor of the assembly. But the measure really does not do much which is why we need to take a closer look at some of the negative effects of DACA.

Spotlight: One of the handicaps of the DACA bill is that it effectively brings back illegal migrants under the spotlight and to the attention of customs and immigration officials. While DACA enables those illegal migrants with children to stay in the US and seek job opportunities as well as other benefits, it nevertheless necessitates them in enrolling in the DACA program. In other words, they would have to document their stay in the US, as well as their work history and share their current address. In short, they have to come out from the shadows and as a result, run the risk of being deported at a moment’s notice.

Education: The DACA is quite vague on certain specifics; for example according to DACA children of illegal migrants are not eligible for federal benefits which in turn can have an effect on their health, education and even social life. Moreover, they cannot apply for any federal aid to continue advanced studies and have to make do with state aid. One can claim that the DACA managed to rescind the hope of many of these children, with a single bill.

Immigration: DACA contrary to popular belief is not a solution to the issue of illegal migration; it is not even a good band-aid. What it does is that it effectively postpones the inevitable, and after a while, the current administration is going to deport all DACA immigrants, children and parents alike. There are various cases pending in the courts and various tribunals regarding DACA and it remains to be seen if the courts have something to say on the issue.

Deporting hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants and their children to countries they had not seen for a long while is not good for them. But it is also worthwhile to remember that the issue of illegal immigration is a serious one which is why some measures should be taken to avoid the high cost that DACA comes with. This is why it may be necessary to file a suit against the current US government before any additional measures are taken. You may also want to read up more DACA, its implication for everyone, and what it entails. Illegal immigration is a real issue and one which certainly deserves more than a band-aid fix.

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