Positive and negative effects of Computer

Computers have been invented in time span around 1936 to 1938, and since then have remained as a great essentiality to the evolving human race. There has been a great development in the components of computer. And as of today, we have a wide range of computers from the big computers to laptops. As much is the wide range of availability so is the wide range of applications. and of course, like everything in this the computers have their own cons too.

Positive and negative effects of Computer

Positive effects of Computer:

We rely on internet and computer for education. Computers help us to store a vast amount of our knowledge and preserve it for reference. Right from projects at school level to Ph.D. scholars, today need computers not only for the information but also to make their ideas presentable with PowerPoint presentations, adobe Photoshop etc. A variety of subjects need computers for in-depth study.

Socializing and networking with people is one of human necessities. We can network and talk with people who are far away from us with help of social network sites, i.e. computers. It used to take days and months to get our messages across earlier, but today it is merely a matter of few minutes or maybe seconds, we have our emails across.

Designing and improvisation for the better is how our world runs. Right from engineers , architects , film makers to fashion designers, jewelers , computers plays an important role in their jobs to design. And it is way better than manually doing it on paper since we also have help of various tools, predefined usual requirements which may be used to simplify the task and be more precise. Another advantage is the comfort of corrections if required .

If we look around today most businesses have admonished in the online market. We ourselves depend on different e-commerce sites to sell or buy things, which has made our life really comfortable and provides us with the perk of comparing and viewing many things without the need of actually moving.

Computerized artillery and navigation, weapons and lot of confidential software’s and information etc is maintained by big data computers. Defense research is a whole lot dependent on computer and advanced technology again for the secretive and security purposes.

Negative effects of Computer:

As we see today we have become so dependent on computers today that we have our fingers already asking the question in our computers or doing the calculations, so much that we are losing our natural ability to think. We are losing our essence of exploration rather just refraining the meaning to just the typing sense. Children and adults have become addicted to computers, making it impossible to survive without it.

We are losing our natural essence of writing since we have computers at our fingertips restraining us from trying to do it uniquely rather it is plagiarized from existing content. in fact we are practically applying the meaning of “cut-copy-paste” in our assignments. But what we forget that to be able to create something new is what makes us better than computers and we must not lose it.

It is most unfortunate that the advancement of technology has created social barriers in real life for us. As per observations and studies it has been noted that people who are too much into computers become irritable in presence of other people. strain is observed in their relations.

Apart from the existing crimes many new kinds have come into picture since the advent of the digitized world with the development of computer. There have been circumstances where personal information is reached or account has been hacked, illegal money transfer, illicit pornography and social harassment, shaming on social networking sites.

Computers also harm the environment in a way as they produce a large amount of plastic waste once they are at disuse. The very production of them causes air, sound, water and heat pollution. The indispensable electronic waste is accumulating year by year on earth.

Continuous use of computers offer various health disorders, especially poses a great threat to the vision. As a result of the excessive usage we see a lot of children using spectacles at an early age itself. There is evident muscular pains in arms and back due observed to continuously sitting unmoving in the same position for hours together. The ironical part is computers have a vital role in medical field both as a cause and cure.

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I always believe that learning is better from print material (books) than glaring computer or smartphone screens! Reading is linear – left to right, top to bottom page by page than from 2D screen shot. The basic tenets of learning – Read (from book), write, recall/revise would never go away or learn by doing, for that matter. Are we ignoring the long term harmful effects of screen glare on vision and promoting smart learning (usually lighting is dull when you have presentations on). Please comment. Thanks.

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