Positive and negative effects of communication

The use of technology has prevailed and proved out to be one of the best blessings to the human mankind till date. The same technology has given rise to the communication era which has been seen changing its entire face from the past few years. We started with the simple landline telephones which worked on the wired mechanisms. Coming all the way from the telephone age, we have now reached video calling and instant messaging. Communication technology has evolved in a great way and it still on the track of improvement.

Adding to this, communication media and technology has made our lives so easier. People sitting across the oceans can now contact each other in a second. With voice communication, you can use voice calling, voice messaging over the internet. For messaging, there are a number of online applications and social platforms that allow us to pursue that with at most ease. For video calling again, there are numerous applications and online services that connect you with your loved ones through the internet.

But is this communication technology as heavenly as it sounds? There have been found negative effects to every such blessing. However, the positive ones can still not be compared to the cons of it.

The positive and negative effects of communication are mentioned as follows.

Positive and negative effects of communication

Positive effects of Communication:

The positive effects of communication are stated as follows.

  • Communication across large distances made easier: We all are familiar with the ease of communicating with people, regardless of the distance between them. But not only communication technology has made it easier, but faster too. We can now instantly communicate to anyone without putting in much effort. You don’t need to wait for hours or days for a reply. With the internet applications such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype, you can easily communicate to anyone across the oceans without waiting.
  • Positive effects on social lives: Socializing is the key to create and maintain a healthy society. Communication has a great role to play here. The lives of people have been made easier as the latest technology trends have made the process of socializing very easy and straightforward. With the help of such communication media, we can easily deal with the everyday tasks and routines. People can now communicate plans and ideas over the internet and socialize like a pro through the numerous platforms meant for the same.
  • Mass communication made easier: Communication is not only restricted to the individual level. For example, sending a single informational mail or newsletter to a large number of people is hectic if it is to be done one at a time. However, the mass communication has been made easier through the communication technology where multiple communication options are also available that save time and efforts.
  • A help to the physically challenged users: Not many people are aware of this but communication technology has surely helped the physically challenged lot in an impressive way. Many specialized software has been developed and various communication boards have been invented that have proved to be a great medium of communication to such people.

Negative effects of Communication

The negative effects of communication have been stated as follows.

  • Negative effects on health: Communication is surely one of the blessings of our society. However, the present time is seeing an enormous number of people getting addicted to such communication media and technology. The use of smartphones, internet etc. has become completely insane and people can be seen highly addicted to them all the time. Such addiction poses a health risk on the users as excessive use of cell-phones can cause headaches. The radiations that a cell phone emits is very harmful to the eyes and the brain and causes adverse effects on them. It is always advisable to keep the use of such communication media to the minimum.
  • Spending too much time over the Communication technology: With the introduction of various social media platforms and the various services they offer, people are often seen clinging onto one or the other social media website or application. They tend to spend too much socializing online that they tend to forget the real world around them.
  • Misusing the communication technology: Many people out there have made communication as a source to perform illegal activities by misusing its resources. Things such as hacking, bullying over the internet and other cyber crimes have become a common phenomenon. This greatly affects the safety factor of the people in a negative way and poses a threat to privacy of an individual.

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