Positive and negative effects of climate change

The climate of planet Earth has suffered a great deal of changes since the past few years. Going technical, everyone is familiar with the word Global warming. A great deal of the change is climate has aroused from global warming. Global warming nothing but a phenomenon of adding up heat in the earth’s atmosphere due to collection pollutant gases such as carbon dioxide, mainly. These gases tend to hold in heat from the sun and cause the temperature to rise than the usual amount. This phenomenon has caused a great deal of change in the earth’s environment.

As for some reasons, climate change can be justified for having some positive effects on the overall climatic conditions. These can be seen as getting in support for some life forms on the earth. However, mostly, the climate change has only caused negative effects that the human mankind is dealing with on a daily basis and will continue to. It is prevailing and very obvious since there is no stopping to the emission of harmful gases and hence the increase of global warming for this cause.

Some of the positive and negative effects of climatic change have been mentioned as follows.

Positive and negative effects of climate change

Positive effects of Climate Change:

The positive effects of climate change have been stated as follows.
• Decrease in winter deaths: As a result of the drastic climate change the earth has experienced, the number of winter deaths has surely fallen. Before the climate change, winters used to be too cold to bear and the death rate was increasing. With the change introduced, winters are not as cold as they used to be. As a result, number of deaths have been decreased as winters now are bearable.

• More heat energy: Because of the change in the climatic conditions and temperature, heat energy is available in ample amounts. As a result, the energy sources are affordable at comparatively cheaper rates now. This has bought down the cost of fuel. For example, the excess winters demanded the use of coal and timber wood to provide heat. Since climatic changes have driven away that factor, these costs of fuel have been bought down than earlier.

• Better agricultural yields: Some seasonal crops require excessive heat to grow. The excess heat that has been introduced as a result of climate change is good for some of these crops. For example, Wheat is a crop that requires huge amount of heat to ripe. Climate changes in that sense have surely benefited the crop production and overall agricultural yields.

Negative effects of Climate Change:

The negative effects of climate change are stated as follows.
• Melting of Glaciers and polar ice areas: Huge glaciers and polar ice areas are one of the important sources of water supply for the world in dry seasons. As a result of the increased temperature and climatic change, these glaciers and ice forms are melting at a huge rate. They are being added into the ocean water. According to latest discoveries, many major glaciers have dissolved into the ocean and are continually on the go.

• Rapid rise in sea levels: Because of the excessive number of glaciers melting and getting dissolved in the sea, the sea and ocean levels have seen drastic rise. This effectively increases the chances of floods at the lower altitude areas. Cities and livelihood that have taken form on the coastal areas have already been largely affected by the drastic climate change. If only the climate is to change some more, these sea levels can be highly degrading to the coastal areas and plains.

• Giving rise to extreme weather conditions: The increased temperature and sudden shifts in the climate, drastic weather conditions such as extreme droughts, tropical cyclones, forest fires, and intense rainfall can take form anytime. The conditions have already been seen to getting worse and such sudden changes cause a great harm to livelihood of the people.

• Negative effects on the ecosystem and threats of extinction of species: Sudden changes in the climate prove unsettling for a number of species on the earth. Many species are already extinct and more are prone to this. The whole ecosystem is affected by the climate change in one or the other way. A great deal of harm to polar life and coral reefs has already been noted and more is on the way.

Climate change is worsening the environment on the earth day by day. However, we can work towards controlling everyday pollution and emission of harmful gases to slow down its effects and protect the environment of the earth for good.

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