Positive and negative effects of cars

One of the most important and valuable inventions till date is the invention of the car. Almost every middle class or lower middle-class family owns a car. In earlier times, a car was considered as a symbol of luxury. But nowadays, a car has become more of a necessity than merely a luxury. A car is basically an automobile that can hold up to 5 persons while traveling. No one is naive to the various types and models of cars available today. Numerous companies have a number of models in these cars that have different capacities and features of their own.

If the importance of a car is considered, everyone would agree that it’s importance cannot be denied in any way. Cars come in handy for easy transportation. It can carry more number of people at a time than a two-wheeler. Also, irrespective of weather conditions, car can be driven and taken anywhere you want. Cars have really become an important part of everyone’s life. Being one of the most important transportation source, it is difficult to imagine a life without one.

Cars do have so many positive impacts on our lives. But let’s not forget the various negative aspects that these automobiles generate. If not used under control, cars can have drastic effects on our atmosphere as well as our lives.

The various positive and negative effects of cars are given as follows.

positive and negative effects of cars

Positive effects of Cars:

The positive effects of cars have been mentioned as follows:

  • Comfortable transportation:

It has been long known that cars are the most comfortable means of transportation. The seats inside a car are very comfy to sit on and is perfect for long travel hours. About 5-6 people can comfortably sit in a car. Cars can have really high speed that cut the time taken to reach the destination. While sitting comfortably in the car, enjoying the music and the AC, it is a very comfortable transport without a doubt.

  • Easy transportation:

Apart from being comfortable, cars are easy to drive and use. They can carry more than 4 passengers at a time easily. Other than people, they can also be used to transport local goods in small quantities. In the earlier times, this was a bit difficult with all the horse carriages that took a lot of time to reach their destination. Cars in that sense have helped a lot in making the process faster and easier.

  • Numerous Models:

As discussed earlier, cars are available in a huge number of different types of models and designs. Ranging from everyday use cars to sports cars, the ideas and the models have only been on the increasing side. A large number of people are fond of different models and brands. People who love speed get to satisfy their needs from all the huge number of models and brands available.

Negative effects of Cars:

The negative effects of cars have been mentioned as follows:

  • Increasing Road Traffic:

Unlike the earlier times, when only the rich owned a car, now almost every well to do family has one. This may be because of the ease of loan availability and dropped prices of some models. Almost everyone has a car now and this has been seen as having a very bad impact on the road traffic. The traffic is getting worse by each day and is directly affecting general lives of the people by eating most of their valuable time and energy.

  • Excess Air Pollution:

This ever-increasing number of cars have been contributing to the air pollution since the day it was invented. The harmful gases and pollutants are emitted by the car’s engine as a result of combustion of fuels. These gases along with the carbon dioxide heat up the environment and atmosphere, giving rise to the greenhouse effects and depletion of the ozone layer. People get infected with respiratory diseases as e result of this air pollution.

  • Road Accidents:

Out of the many available vehicles, cars have been found to go under the maximum cases of road accidents. This is as a result of over-speeding on the highways and reckless driving. People need to understand that safety comes first before the love for speed. People generally neglect all the traffic rules and easily become a victim of drastic accidents.

Cars are undoubtedly very important in today’s date. But despite its importance, people need to understand that minimizing the negative effects of it is in their own hands. Follow the traffic rules wisely and try to make the minimum use of your car. And that should do the trick. Stay Safe.

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