Positive and Negative Effects of C-Section

Motherhood is the most important as well as beautiful phase of a woman’s life. As soon as you are overwhelmed with the breaking of news of your pregnancy, an associated question of doubts about how it will happen, how will you manage comes out innately. No one can deny from the anxiety that she has felt during her pregnancy and the various mood swings that come along with pregnancy. One such unignored question that keeps you haunted throughout your pregnancy is that whether you should go for a vaginal delivery or C- section delivery. This question holds a very important part of your pregnancy and you should be well aware of the associated positive and negative effects of C- section, if you are planning to go for a C-section. Once you know all about the influential factors, it will become quite feasible for you to take a good decision, keeping all the points in mind.

Positive and Negative Effects of C-Section

Positive Effects Of C- Section:

C -section delivery has now become more common as compared to past few years. There are many associated positive benefits that makes it a perfect choice for an expectant mother. These are discussed as below:

Painless procedure: The main benefit of going for a c- section is that unlike vaginal birth where there is a prolonged labor and pain, c-section eliminates that stage. In c- section, the pain is minimal as the mother does not have to go for a long hour of labor pain. The procedure allows the mother to get anesthesia and get rid of long labor pain hours.

Planned delivery: If you are planning to go for a c- section delivery, then most likely your doctor will give you a date of operation and you will be prepared for the delivery, hence there will be no hush and rush to reach the hospital at the time of emergency. You can go relax to the hospital and wait for your turn to go in the operation theater. This reduces the anxiety of reaching the hospital during your labor pain.

Reduce the complications: In cases, where there is already associated existing complications with birth, doctor herself advised to opt for a C-section delivery as it will reduce the risks of complications that might occur in case of vaginal birth. In many of the pregnancies, there are chances of complications, risk to mother and child. In such cases also, it is advised to go for a C- section to avoid the further potential risks and danger.

Hence, it is always an advantage to go for a C- Section if you want to overcome all the above problems discussed.

Negative Effects of C-Section:

If you are going to be a mother soon and you are not recommended by your gynae for a C- section, then you should think twice before going for a C- section. There are possible negative effects too that are associated with C- section.

Here is the list of major negative effects of going with C- section:

Prolonged stay: If you go for a C- section, then you must be prepared to increase your stay at hospital. As you will be requiring post operation care, once you go through the C-section.

Physical complaints after C- section: If you have gone through C- Section, you will most likely to go with prolonged physical complaints that might occur due to C- Section. It includes presence of pain at the site of the incision and long-lasting soreness.

High blood loss: Follow to the surgery, it has been noticed that a woman can suffer from extensive blood loss. This occurs when she undergoes C- section.

Bowel Bladder Injured: Another possible side effect of C- section is that it might cause the bowel bladder injury. This could occur with C- section. The recovery procedure might take long time as it can produce injury to nerve and skin surrounded by the surgical incision.

Uterine rupture: Another big complication associated with the C -section is that it can cause damage to uterine. Once the rupture is made, it become difficult to get back to normal.

All these factors make it difficult to carry out normal life, once the body goes through the C- section it become quite evident that the chances to get back to normal life.  It is highly advised to reduce the risk of the  C -section by going through normal vaginal birth. If you are carrying out a normal pregnancy, it is highly recommended to go with vaginal birth delivery.

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