Positive and negative effects of bullying

Almost every one of us have been bullied once in our lifetime. And to state it honestly, it’s one of the most horrible experiences during the school days. Bullies can be spotted everywhere and their victims sure face a hard time dealing with them. Bullying is a way some powerful students take to pick on the weaker ones to have some fun. While it may be a lot of fun for the bullies, for the victim it is nothing less than a nightmare if they are not able to deal with it properly.

Bullying has been seen as a very negative thing in our society. If you ask someone to state some positive points for it, they won’t be able to think of many. Bullying has been stated as a downright disgusting act by many and is never good, as is believed by many. Weaker students are always picked on by the stronger ones in the playground and teachers are always rushing down to solve their matters and make the bullying stop. Bullying sure has a lot of negative effects on the children.

But if we look on the brighter side, bullying is not all that bad, till the extent it is not done in extremes. Extreme level of bullying is definitely hazardous but up to a playful level, it can actually prove out to be good for the kids. This point is difficult to accept but we can still find some positive effects of it.

The various positive and negative effects of bullying have been stated as follows.

Positive and negative effects of bullying

Positive effect of bullying

The positive effects of bullying are mentioned as follows.

  • It makes the students strong:

The students who face bullying at a young age have been seen to develop their strength towards challenging matters. When students deal with the bullies, they get used to take insults and learn how to take your own stand under difficult conditions. It makes them mentally strong and they are not easily let down by difficult people ever again in their life.

  • They learn the way of managing disputes by themselves:

Victims of bullies have to fall in various disputes with their bullies. More than any teacher or parent that would try to help them, the most help they can get is by themselves. Bullying in this way helps the students to develop a level of understanding as to how they need to deal with such disputes and their bullies so as to keep everything in line.

  • It improves their interaction ability:

Bullying helps the victims to improve their interaction ability. When students deal with the bullies in order to confront them, they again understand the way of talking to them in order to defend themselves. Sometimes, bullies and victims end up becoming friends for life and these things help them in having a better interaction.

Negative effects of bullying

The negative effects of bullying are mentioned as follows.

  • Feeling disconnected:

Students who are bullied are ought to feel disconnected from other students at the school. Generally, when some is bullied a lot, all other students cease to be around them or to be friends with them. This makes them feel disconnected from the school and they no longer like going to the school.

  • Negative impact on academics and personal growth:

Bullying can take up a lot out of its victim. Students who are not able to deal with bullying develop stress and are not able to concentrate in their studies. Academic results seem to drop and they may have lower attendance and lower personal growth.

  • No friends:

Students generally avoid being friends with the victim of bullying. This results in the victim getting deprived of some quality friendships at school which causes him to experience loneliness and unhappiness of all sorts.

  • Lower self-esteem:

Bullying ca tragically result in the victim developing a lower level of self-esteem. They tend to believe in the remarks imposed upon them by the bullies and lose all their self-confidence. This causes a very negative effect on their personal values, disturbing their mind and lifestyle.

  • Developing depression and anxiety:

Most students are not able to deal with the bullying and end up taking everything very seriously. This leads to depression and feeling of anxiety among students at a very tender age.

  • Nightmares:

Some students are so affected by all this that they begin to experience nightmares. They fear their bullies a lot and are unable to be at peace in their minds.

  • Suicides:

When bullying is taken to an extreme level, many students commit suicide which is worst of the negative effects of bullying.


  1. But did bullies have a place in society, maybe some who were bullied stood up in adult hood and were successful business people because they were not afraid to stand against opposition

  2. I can’t stand bullies!!!!!! not on my watch!! parents please teach your kids self defense, martial arts anything so they wont be a victim.

  3. Generally. More often of times it is ourselves to blame. Do we choose to change or ignore? You only have to look yourself in the mirror.

  4. Unfortunately some bullies never grow up they just grow old…keeping the faith that things will change for the better…^j^

  5. I was recently bullied by work colleagues this led to me having a breakdown and becoming depressed …..because I felt I was wrong …..what god showed me thru those who supported me was that the feeling of being wrong was actually a transferred feeling from those bullies and this made me realize my own incredible worth and value ….I was able to put the feelings where they belonged and move on knowing that I will never let anyone make me feel that way again …

  6. How about teaching victims of bullying to stand up for themselves and help boost their self confidence? Nah, much better to suggest pushing that boulder up a mountain, right?

  7. Bullying exist in working place too particularly​ on the new job. The old staff would just give all the work that they don’t want to do. They would do what they like and want including taking longer break time, looking into their phone during working hours.

  8. The only bullying is physical. the others build thick skin for the real world. without these, we end up with these post millennium snowflakes we have today.

  9. How about at work someone didn’t want to do his own job and gave it to another but took the credit to himself? Does this count as a kind of bully??

  10. Cyber is the newest attack method on your Light…it only works on gullible people. Ignore anything but kindness online.

  11. I hate to see a lot of children and student getting bully. We come to school to learn to make friend to discover something new to make ours future brighter.not to come to school and get buy.

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