Negative effects of botox

Botox is an American brand name of a neurotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It finds wide application in medical science due to its ability to paralyze a muscle. Also, botox helps in diminishing the early appearance of wrinkles in middle age population. Due to this, the toxin is popular in cosmetic sector. Like other toxins, botox is a lethal product with fatal outcomes. An increase in the desired amount of dose can lead to the death of a person. Scientists are still researching on this natural product regarding its role in the ecosystem. So far, the result of toxin usage has faced increased contempt among users. Many world organizations are working toward limiting its employment in the international market.

Negative effects of botox

Negative effects of botox:

Though most side-effects of botox are temporary, the toxin is still harmful to health in many ways.

Unintended spreading

As botox is an injectable toxin, the injected area may feel painful with the appearance of redness or bruise. At times, the toxin spreads beyond the injected muscle. This leads to the paralyzing of an unintended muscle, whose effect on health depends on the type of muscle. If botox spreads to a critical muscle group, it leads to a respiratory arrest, heart attack, and even death.


Botox reduces wrinkles on the face. As the toxin relaxes the muscles in the face, it smoothens the overlying skin. Cosmetic companies that utilize botox in their product receives complaints regarding allergies. The toxin combining with other chemicals in a cosmetic product may not suit every skin type. This leads to allergies which weakens the skin muscles and a person experience hardship in swallowing along with other difficulties.

Cause botulism

Botulism (a disease) is a deadly illness caused by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It occurs after using a cosmetic product with the inappropriate amount of botox. Also, the introduction of the toxin through an infected wound can cause botulism. A person experience weakness in body, fatigue, blurred vision, and trouble speaking. In this case, botox can cause death in 5-10 percent of botulism patients.


Botox may develop an infection at the injected site. This leads to the redness, bleeding, and swelling of the injected area. The infection spreads beyond the side and a person feels dizziness and faintness. In extreme cases, such infection leads to the occurrence of botulism.

Other health problems

Botox injected in the facial muscles leads to several facial issues. It causes rash and itchiness in the injected area. A person develops a headache and neck pain. At times, an individual feels breathlessness and facial muscle stiffness. Also, a flu-symptoms along with fever, cough, cold, and sore throat may appear. In addition, anxiety, dry mouth, and painful urination are other  negative effects of Botox.

The uses of Botox are numerous, mainly under medical, research, and cosmetic sector. Botox’s favorable outcomes exceed the weight of its side-effects for many people. But, such side-effects can be dangerous in long-term. To limit the negative effects, a person must consult a medical practitioner before using the toxin. A person must know the correct site of injection and the injected amount. At the same time, cosmetic companies should comply with the measures and add the qualified amount of botox to their products. As the side-effects of botox are preventable, a person must consult a doctor as soon the symptoms appear.


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