Negative effects of apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is a form of vinegar that constitutes cider and acetic acid as its prime ingredients. The procedure of the ACV making includes squeezing juice from an apple, adding yeast or bacteria to this apple juice, and adding acetic acid to the fermented alcohol. A few common food products that use apple cider vinegar are a sauce, salad for dressing, and food preservatives. Though ACV finds use in numerous fields and sectors including medicine and food industry, its impact on health is large according to the current research.

Negative effects of apple cider vinegar

Negative effects of apple cider vinegar

The side-effects of the apple cider vinegar relate to the presence of the acetic acid in it.

Affects muscle functioning

Several health issues arise when an individual on medication consumes ACV. In such situation, the potassium level in a human body lowers which leads to the weakness, muscle cramps, constipation, and irregular heart rhythm. As a good amount of potassium is very important for the functioning of nerves and muscles, its absence can cause related problems.

Lowers blood sugar

A higher or lower glucose level is detrimental to human health. Due to its property of lowering glucose level in the bloodstream, the apple cider vinegar is popular among diabetic patients and people with high blood pressure. But, at times, the enhanced consumption of ACV lowers the blood sugar to an unfavorable level among people with abnormal sugar level, which can lead to seizures or loss of consciousness.

Discourage bone health

Though the cases of bone loss are minute, it can happen. A huge apple cider vinegar consumption leaves the body acidic. With a high acid load, a human body loses its ability to form bones and keep a definite bone mineral density. ACV impacts bone formation in women with osteoporosis the most.

Throat problems

The instances of throat burn and irritation are common among ACV users. Due to the acetic acid presence, an apple cider vinegar is highly acidic in nature with a pH value between 3 to 6. A food pipe with a pH value of 7 can damage following enhanced consumption of ACV.

Erode tooth enamel

Human teeth are sensitive to the citric fruits and acidic drinks. The apple cider vinegar can erode tooth enamel, causing damage to the teeth. Tooth decay may occur if a person drinks ACV in a large quantity or in an undiluted form.

Skin burn

Many women use apple cider vinegar to remove moles with successful results. But recent reports confirmed skin burns in several instances. Researchers found that people with sensitive skin can witness such burns. In addition, the unauthorized use of ACV on the skin can engender other skin conditions.

Digestive issues

Drinking apple cider vinegar slows down the digestion process and delays gastric discharge. This leads to nausea and a feeling of fullness.

Apple cider vinegar had been a remedy for numerous health issues for centuries. People across the world still use it as a medicine or cure to prevent infection and loss weight. But the recent studies show the hazardous effect of ACV to the human health, specifically in pregnant women. The individual who makes it a part of their everyday diet must consult the doctors and consume it when prescribed. At the same time, the marketing and distributor companies must include its side-effects on the bottle.

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