Positive and Negative effects of Vasectomy

Vasectomy is a medical procedure that helps an individual to control his tendency to give birth to a child. The procedure is a tested method to control child birth. If performed under the guidance of an experienced physician, it can help to prevent pregnancy. There is a very rare chance that the vasectomies fail and the capacity of retaining child birth is preserved. In medical industry, there are few of the techniques that are used to undergo the process of Vasectomy but out of all, the most preferred by the physician is intraluminal cauterization with facial interposition.  This is a form of birth control that could be reversed, if required. But the probability to get it reversed with positive results is fairly low. Here in this article, we will get a detailed information about the positive as well as negative effects of vasectomy.

Positive effects of Vasectomy:

Here is the list of possible benefits associated with the procedure of vasectomy. However, these effects might vary from person to person, but we have concluded the generic possible impacts of Vasectomy in the list.

  1. Cost effective technique: Unlike other expensive procedures, where the medical procedures cost a huge amount, the cost associated with the procedure of Vasectomy is comparatively low. If a couple has decided to go for a control for future planning, Vasectomy serve as a cost- effective medical procedure as compared to the female sterilization.
  2. Effective procedure: To get a reliable birth control, vasectomy is one of the most proven and tested medical procedure that allow an individual to carry out the process without any further changes. Moreover, the sexual performance of an individual remains intact with the process of Vasectomy.
  3. Easy method: Another added benefit of going with Vasectomy process is that this process is an easy and convenient medical method to control the birth control. It is one of the most opted method that would help the couple to get desired results without any complications.

All these above- mentioned benefits of vasectomy makes it one of the best medical option to control birth. Now, before drawing any conclusion, we should be aware of the negative effects of vasectomy that are too associated with the procedure.

 Negative Effects of Vasectomy:

If you are planning to go for a vasectomy, you should be aware of all the potential risks that are associated with the vasectomy. However, with the proper guidance of medical advice, you can overcome the impending risk and potential dangers but still you should understand them in detail.

  1. Swelling: Swelling is one of the most important aspect that is associated with the process of vasectomy. It includes the classic hallmarks of swelling, bruising, bleeding inside the scrotum, blood in semen. However, these symptoms are associated for a short-term risk. On speaking with your physician, you can always get a solution of your problem.
  2. Fluid build up in testicle: Another added negative impact of performing the vasectomy is that there is a collection of fluid inside the testicle. This building up of the fluid can lead to several other health issues. It is associated with complex health issues. If the pain persists for a longer time, it is advisable to go for medical advice.
  3. Infections: Infections can lead to many of the symptoms. Swelling, fever, chills and rigors are often associated with the infections. It has been noticed that infections remain prominent with the procedure of vasectomy. The process of vasectomy is although done under the precise guidance of doctors but sometimes it can be associated with the rigorous symptoms that can last for long.
  4. Chronic Pain: The chronic pain is also an associated factor that is accompanied with Vasectomy. This pain can be chronic with time and can last for longer. This can increase or decrease according to the internal condition of the body.

 Keeping all the points in mind, it can be concluded that vasectomy is one of the good option to have birth control. Though the procedure is associated with certain risks but the advantages of the procedure also holds a strong reason to opt for it.  If you are planning to go ahead with the procedure of vasectomy, here are few of the tips that might help you to overcome with the potential short term as well as long term risks. It is always advised to go for a clinic or medical professional who is professional , expert and trained in the process and also look for the hygiene standards once the procedure is done.

These few tips might help to lower down the negative effects of Vasectomy.

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