Positive and negative effects of sports

One of the best recreational activities as well as a subject of national or international interest is the sports. More than a necessity, it has become something obvious in today’s society. If we look at the sports at the national and international level, it holds a great deal of stuff. As an effort to maintain inter-nation healthy relations and to support sportsmanship among the players, sports have a strong back. However, we can also look on the other side that supports the individual level of sports. Individuals of a country are interested in playing sports as a recreational activity or a hobby.

Playing sports is a very positive habit that someone can develop. Playing sports not only keeps your body fit, but your mind and the overall being healthy as well. Sports playing and different kinds of support can have a number of important points in the favor of health and fitness.

However, excessive sports addiction can also lead to many negative effects on the physical health of a person.

The various positive and negative effects of sports have been mentioned as follows.

Positive and negative effects of sports

Positive effects of Sports

  • Socially active

Apart from being physically active, sports are very much helpful in maintaining a good social circle. Sports of most kind require a person to understand and display teamwork. Maintaining and being in a team of players makes a person develop his social skills. Mutual understanding, respect, being friendly are some of the traits that are worked upon due to sports. Even at the international and national level, they help in maintaining good socials relations.

  • Healthy body

No wonder, sports do excellently contribute towards the maintaining of a good and fitter body. Playing sports not only keeps your body fit, but it also induces a healthy lifestyle. Instead of other leisure activities indoors such as television and internet, playing sports outside exposes you to the fresh and open environment. This is necessary for both physical and mental growth as well as the well-being. A healthy body and a healthy mind is what efficiently offered by sports playing in the positive terms.

  • A cool solution to boredom

Youth of today can easily tend to get swayed towards the unusual or the anti-social things. This can be very deteriorating for their future. However, according to the Australian Sports Commission, youth who plays sports regularly are less prone to any kind of criminal activities. Sports induces a sense of mental freshness and keeps boredom at bay. A mind that is busy in its spare time won’t be able to think about anything wrong or illegal. This way, sports can be a fun recreational activity along with being a really positive one, in all senses.

  • Building self-confidence and courage

It is quite natural that people who play sports and participate in various sports events have a sense of confidence in them. When they win, the morale is immediately boosted and this induces self-esteem in them. Confidence is a trait that not many are able to gain, but sports can be the way to it. You can always look back on yourself after playing sports since you feel great and confident over what you can do.

Negative effects of Sports

  • Poor coaching can lead to negative results

Most people get under a coach to learn more about a particular sport. A good coach can surely make the players need new boundaries of the sport and help them grow in a number of positive ways. However, many times it is seen that the coach lacks good sportsmanship or he is only after winning. Such a kind of coach will never be able to induce the good morals of a sport. The usual behavior of the coach must be a little strict, but not too strict such that it tends to completely break the person. So, poor coaching like these can leave negative effects on the player’s mind and also the sport in itself.

  • Can cause serious injuries

There is a specified technique to playing every sport. Many times, it is seen that players don’t follow the prescribed rules of the sports. Or even if they do, they sometimes end up getting seriously injured. These injuries are sometimes curable and sometimes they aren’t. In either case, it affects the personal life of the player. If the player gets into something serious or an injury for a lifetime, then his whole life tends to become really difficult. Such serious injuries are a major drawback of sports.

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