Positive and negative Health effects of soaps

Positive and Negative Health effects of soaps

Positive and Negative Health effects of soaps

What is the first thing we do when we wake up, obviously getting ready for our daily routine right? We bath and we are very particular of using only one type of soap, may be because of its smell or cleansing properties and many reasons. But they have effects to humans, as well as nature.

Soaps includes bathing bars, washing soaps. They are simply chemicals and fatty acids. They usually remove the dirt or oil by emulsifying effect called saponification.

Soaps are obtained by mixing fatty material like animal fats, oils to strong bases.

Positive Health effects of soaps:

1. There will be a lot of dust around us, and increasing pollution making the condition more badly. So every day you need a refreshing start, for your exposed skin and also these days air is so contaminated by foreign particles that when your skin is exposed to such foreign particles it requires scrubbing , soaps actually work in a way that remove grease, oily dirt from skin or any material exposed to dirt.

2. To disinfect the materials or skin from microorganisms- foreign particles also includes micro-organisms which infects our immune system and also effects our health and causes new diseases, to avoid this we require to clean and disinfect our skin and daily materials, with proper medicinal soaps.

3. It is a hygiene mechanism- cleaning is one of the hygiene practice and it is part of our daily routine.

4. Useful materials are used in soaps- some typical soaps are made up of scrubbing materials, antioxidants, and few minerals which helps our skin to enhance the texture and makes our skin resistant to some foreign infections. They act very effectively and also helps in enhancing the hygiene of individual.

5. Raises the pH- soaps usually maintains and raises the pH of the water, which helps in removing the bacteria more easily from the skin.

6. Mild soaps benefits- mild soaps are those, which is having more alkaline quantity than other soaps. Simply you can say which is having pH more than 7.

So sometimes acidic content may increase on your skin and leads to, too many allergies, discomfort, mainly when it comes to women hygiene, you have to take care, so it is better to use a mild soap, during this discomfort.
Generally mild soaps reduce the acidic nature by neutralizing it.

Negative Health effects of soaps:

1. Skin and materials cannot distinguish between good and bad-
Soap may often contain more chemical content and may be harmful, for sensitive skins, so skin takes and absorbs all chemical content provided by the soap. It cannot distinguish between “GOOD”, “BAD”. The materials like skin, utensils, clothes to which we apply soap are not so specific that, they absorb what they need and eject or ignore what is harmful, it is not rational so we should be careful when we choose a soap.

2. Choosing your soap- usually soaps are produced keeping the view in general, some individuals skin may be sensitive to one particular chemical or nature. So buyer should be aware of the nature of his skin, and he should know what type of soap quality is good for his skin. Because the consequences may be worse.

3. Harmful to environment- some typical soaps are designed in such a way that they can be used only to remove very harsh dirt or grease from the materials surface. It is good that they disinfect the materials as well as clean them. But the main concern is that, they effect the environment, the chemicals used in their production are harmful and don’t degrade in the soil, and they may even sometimes corrode the surface materials.

4. Removes essential oils from skin – we know that soap removes oil and dirt from body’s skin, but it may remove natural oils from skin, which cannot be regenerated from outside and hence leaves the skin more dry. Skin sometimes may loss its good texture and leads to dryness.

5. Basic nature of soap- As we know soaps are fatty acids and contains caustic soda the so called strong base, which is very basic. It may leads to poor results rather than acting effectively on skin.

In our day to day life necessities, we needed a hygiene mechanism often called cleaning, and eventually soaps became part of this cleanliness cycle, this is not a trend from few years, tradition of soaps is being followed from almost 3400 years.
But we should be careful when it comes to the environment and it may be harmful for our health as well, it may result in poor immune systems.

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