Positive and negative effects of Science

This might be the umpteenth time you will be reading a huge article on the merits and demerits of science. However, it seems like we cannot really differentiate between the boons and devils of science. One cannot debate on the fact that science plays an inseparable part in everyone’s life. Directly or indirectly, everyone is affected by the progression of science. In the context of a fast-paced life, we need to stall a bit and evaluate ourselves and question whether every progression made in every possible sector of science are justified or not.

Positive effects of Science:

• Convenience: It is amazing as how times have changed. It took us eternity to develop a non-human mode of transportation, but the recent couple of centuries saw us traveling over the mountains and beyond the waters. You can travel back and forth covering the deepest and darkest corners there are to explore. We can communicate to our dear ones sitting at one end of the World to the other. With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, one does not even need to talk, but simulate a healthy conversation or run a chore.

• Dramatic increase of lifespan: Remember reading the horrific plague that almost nullified Europe as much as to the extent of rejuvenating it through the period of Renaissance? Fast forward to the 21st century and you will see people being spoilt for choice, to live, if yes, how many years would they prefer to. It baffles to see such transformation and enhancement in the field of medical science and technology. With the cure to every known disease, or at least the development of new drugs has brightened the survival rate exponentially. Stillborn and other infant fatalities have gone down significantly, and the third World countries are getting back on their feet as well.

• New technologies and better understanding of where we live in: Technology and Science go hand in hand, and there is no doubt that we have been engulfed in the technological world. Technology has been seeped in with such precision and deftness that we don’t really appreciate it that much. Science has also let us know about our Universe, and there is so much more to the 75% Water-25% Land concept. There are many wonders yet to be discovered, and with science one-day humans will acquire the knowledge of infinity with the help of science.

Negative effects of Science:

• Aesthetically wrong at times: Forget the readings and writings of any religious texts and books. Focus on the alteration made possible by science that tend to haunt the mankind in future. Altering the genetic combination tends to disrupt the balance of the nature, and messes with the ecosystem as well. Genetic alterations on animals have proven to give dubious results and have faced a lot of criticism and backlash.

• Used in strengthening war chances: Gone are the days when people used to stamp their authorities through duels and wars were won with horses, elephants, swords, and other man-made weapons. Times have flown by and the nuclear trump card in every countries arsenal has bolstered the chance of destructing the Earth, and killing many in process.

• Stressful information: The deeper you delve into science; more likely you are going to come up with unrequired or harmful information’s. You might end up discovering some lethal elements buried deep down. Overloaded with information has compelled us to make headways into calamitic consequences.

• Overpopulation: One of the most ironical aspects of science. Science tells you the reason why the Earth is being overpopulated and the measures that should be taken to deal with it. On the other hand, science has enabled us to live longer than average expectancy, decreasing the mortality rate immensely. It might be easy to say that one should not opt for such life expectant drugs and operations, but weighing the emotional side of things it becomes difficult to stick to a rational decision.

• People connecting through social media, but drifting away in person: Technology enables us to talk to strangers staying miles away from us, but we don’t bother to communicate in person when we have the chance to. Artificial Intelligence has ignited the virtual method of communication, and that seems to become the norm in years to come.

Science might be a technical and rational component of this Universe, but the sword of morality has been hanging over the head of every person on this planet. One should greet the progression of science with open arms, but needs to check the rapid growth that might do more harm than good eventually.

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