Negative effects of racism

The fact remains that we are not all that different from one another except for our genetic makeup and the morphological differences which are more a result of the local geographical factors than anything else. But sadly, this does not seem to have percolated to the rest of the public who seem to be under the impression that the human race contains several subspecies, based purely on the skin tone. As a result, several individuals actively propagate the theory of superior race based mostly on the premise that their skin color is white.  This is why there is a sudden uptick in racial attacks and if this was not enough, governments have started profiling their own citizens based on the same. This is why it is important that we take a closer look at some of the associated negative effects of racism.

Negative effects of racism

  • Low self-esteem: Often being subjected to racial attacks, from taunts to downright violence can leave one with a low self-esteem. There is enough historical evidence to back the claim that being exposed to prolonged bouts of racial attacks can leave one lacking the requisite confidence to stand up for themselves, to become subservient to others, and to be made to feel that they are less worthy because their skin is in the wrong shade. In fact, racial attacks were often cited to be one of the leading factors behind the sudden increase in young teen suicides.
  • Fear of law enforcement: Since most of the racial attacks were often propagated by those in authority, a fear of being subjected to more racial attacks especially by cops makes victims extremely reluctant to approach the authorities. As a result, several crimes, including racial attacks often go unreported for the very same reason. Apart from this is the fact that law enforcement authorities are becoming increasingly intolerant towards other races seems to have resulted in victims wanting to avoid reporting crimes to avoid any untoward attention by these authorities.
  • Fear: Victims of racial abuse, racial attacks often live in an atmosphere of fear; knowing that there would be little recourse left to them should they choose to report those indulging in racial attacks. Moreover, one constant refrain that most of these victims share is the fact that they fear they would be subjected to more reprisal attacks should they chose to report a crime is why so many cases go unreported. This fear of abuse and reprisal attacks is similar to what several communities world over had to face at one point or another, as a result of racial abuse from others, case in point would be the Jewish community living in Germany before the start of World War 2.

These are some of the negative effects of racism; bottom line, all of us are quite the same and that these morphological differences are just skin deep (no pun intended). In fact, if a person with dark skin tone was to migrate to the colder north, it would be hard to tell his dependents apart from others since the skin tone would have become extremely light in a matter of a few generations. Racism is endemic and one that needs to be eliminated from all sections of our society at the earliest.

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