Positive and negative effects of advertising

Advertising is a key feature of marketing in today’s era. It not only helps the products sell, it helps the consumers in making a sound choice.
Advertisements have been around since time immemorial, but today they are a crucial factor. Every multinational company, be it a food manufacturer or a beauty product seller, take the aid of advertisements to reach out to the public. Apart from bringing about awareness of social issues, advertisements have given birth to competition amongst creative people involved in the making of it.
Let us explore the plus and minuses of advertisements.

Positive and negative effects of advertising

Positive effects of advertising

Advertising includes the public service advertisements. A sense of social awareness and welfare is embedded in all the citizens of a country when the public service advertisements are aired. The advertisements regarding the harmful nature of smoking and tobacco and the advertisements dealing with “save water” and “go green” have done a lot to heighten the awareness amongst public.

Apart from public service advertisements, advertisements marketing goods do a lot to improve the social standards of the society. In India, where a particular percentage of women still live in the ignominious darkness, adverts relating to sanitary napkins have done a lot of good. They have taught women the unhygienic mannerisms of cloth napkins and have promoted sanitation and hygiene.

Advertisements also help boost the economy of a company. Through adverts, companies are able to reach a larger consumer base which in turn increases their sales. An increase in sale equals to more profit, and not just more profit but more job opportunities. When the sales go up, the demand in the market for that product increases. With an increase in demand, supplies are increased which mean more manufacturers and working hands would be required. Apart from that, voice actors or models are often required for advertisements and this opens up a whole new field for those looking for employment.

Advertisement helps the consumers make a choice by presenting them with the pros and cons of their products. Also, in democratic countries, consumers are exposed to a wide range of lifestyles to choose from. Advertisement also helps people know about the kind of life people of various levels of the society lead. These, in a way, bind humans.
So we see, apart from being a mode of awareness and boost in economy, advertising helps bring about education, reform and is a good way to incur returns on investments.

Negative effects of advertising

This expensive feat, advertising, has a number of demerits. The major one is misrepresentation of facts. Advertisements tend to show the products in their glory, ebbing out the negative points. This leads the consumer to make decisions that aren’t always righteous in nature. For example, advertisements may show how a cream can make you look fair but they would not include the part that the cream may be toxic to some and may even prove to be carcinogenic in the long run.

Another major drawback of advertisements is the effect it has on the brains of children. They tend to want the products displayed on the advertisements oblivious of the level of harm it could cause. Junk food, sugary stuff and violent toys are all made popular by creative advertising. It is sending a wrong message to our young ones.

Advertisements have known to have a negative effect on adults as well. It sets in an inferiority complex amongst people. The fact that you NEED to be fair to win hearts or you NEED to wear an expensive perfume to win a lady is something promoted by adverts. They have set a point of view into the society that a female should be a thin, fair and beautiful who should work as well as be family keepers and men should be bulky, muscled pieces of flesh that should smell intoxicating and be virile 24/7. A false sense of insecurity is heightened through advertisements. Also, adverts give rise to impossible expectations that can never be fulfilled by products. Instant fairness and pimple removing agents are fantasy products that have no existence in the real world.

Advertising is an indispensable part of the society now. It has its merits and demerits, but in the end it is a form of art.

Quoting Tom Ford, I’d like to end on a neutral note, “Advertising is, of course, important because advertise is the final design. It’s the last layer that speaks to the customer, that tells them what you have.”


Positive and negative effects of caffeine

Caffeine is one of those substances which is contained in most refreshing beverages nowadays. Be it the cold drinks, supplement tea or coffee. Coffee is one of the best source of caffeine which contains it in ample amount. In terms of caffeine, we can talk in detail about coffee. Coffee is one popular beverage around the world. Most of the people in the world are addicted to coffee and need at least one cup daily, more in the case of addicts. Talking about addiction here, it’s not the coffee they seem to be addicted to, but the caffeine in the same.

Caffeine is a substance that is quite addictive due to its anti-stress properties. It tends to energies the mind and body of the consumer. Most people take it in the morning to get over their sleepy head. The soft drinks that are available in markets have a huge amount of caffeine in them. They too are very addictive because of the same reason.

However, caffeine can be a good thing for a body if it is taken in the right amount. However, some people tend to get addicted to it and consume more than the required amount. This can have serious health effects. There are both good sides and bad sides to caffeine consuming.

The positive and negative effects of caffeine are mentioned as follows.

Positive and negative effects of caffeine

Positive Effects of Caffeine

  • Low risk of having the Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease is disease which is caused as a result of the brain cell loss. It leads to the production of a chemical messenger often termed as dopamine. As per the recent studies, it was observed that the individuals who consume caffeine through coffee or other means regularly were less prone to the Parkinson’s disease. While others who lack a regular Caffeine level can lose more neurons and develop this disease easily.

  • Prevents Gallstones

Caffeine has amazing metabolic factors that are helpful in reducing the risk of developing gallstones. This may be because caffeine causes the gall bladder to contract which lets it throw out all the cholesterol pigments that are responsible for forming stones. According to another recent study, it was concluded that regular intake of coffee or caffeine reduces the risk of gallstones by 20%. Apart from this, it also reduces the risk of cancer to 25%.

  • Effective in boosting alertness

It has been known from a long time that coffee is really helpful in boosting the alertness of the individual who consumes it. The direct intake of caffeine immediately raises the reaction time of the individual. This can happen to the regular caffeine consumers or the non-regular caffeine consumers alike. This is because when caffeine is consumed, the blood sugar is bought down immediately. This signals the brain for the decrease in sugar and demand. This sudden signal is responsible for a lift in the alertness of the mind.

  • Mood lifting

Regular consumption of caffeine can result in improving the mood of a person. It can depend on the amount of caffeine that is consumed. Many people experience a sudden lift in mood, feelings of happiness, alertness and other positive factors for being more sociable.

  • Muscle endurance and physical activity

According to a recent study, it has been found that regular intake of coffee resulted in increase in the physical performance of a player. This is because the muscle endurance is increased due to caffeine consumption. For athletes and runners, the overall physical performance is increased potentially. With boosting muscle endurance, caffeine is helpful in burning body fat.

  • Curing Headache

Caffeine has been known to cure headache at the fastest rate. Headaches are caused when blood vessels in the brain expand. Caffeine does the work of constricting the blood vessels which results in the reduction of headache.

Negative effects of Caffeine

  • Sleep deprivation

Caffeine is well known to prevent sleeping. When it is consumed during the day, the consumer is not able to get a deep sleep in the night. This is because our body contains a neurotransmitter known as the adenosine. This one is known to induce thoughts of sleep. Caffeine tends to cancel the effects of this. This causes sleep cancellation or proper sleep.

  • Diabetes

Due to excess consumption of caffeine, the blood sugar levels can drop to more than the safe amount. This can lead to diabetes in people. Glucose levels in the body after taking meals is also raised as a result of excess diabetes.

Such diseases and after-effects of caffeine can be very negative and thus it should never be taken in an excessive amount.


Positive and negative effects of bureaucracy

Bureaucracy is a type of government which is practiced presently in most countries. Basically, it can be seen as a form of administrative system. A bureaucratic government represents a government body in which people involved are the non-elective one, i.e. they are not politicians. These people are mainly appointed and they help in setting policies or rules and regulations to be followed. In some parts of the country, this type of government is not supported by the people. However, it can be seen functioning still in most countries in the world.

A bureaucratic government is somewhat complex to maintain. Many groups across the world criticize practicing bureaucracy. While some consider this as a rational body of government.

There can be both positive as well negative sides to the practicing of bureaucracy. Both of these effects have been explained as follows.

Positive and negative effects of bureaucracy

Positive effects of Bureaucracy:

  • Effective organization and management:

Bureaucracy means having a kind of hierarchy in a particular organization. For each person involved in a governmental department, there will be a role for each one to play. This is because each command will work in chain. Performance of the people at lower ranks can then be duly noted and monitored. Since the bureaucratic government makes the rules and regulations, the following of the same ensures a systematic flow of duties. Hence, all of this helps in effective management of the government as a whole.

  • Hiring system of bureaucrats:

Bureaucrats are nothing but the appointed officials. These officials have a well-established educational background. As a result, they are highly intellectual and they know what they are doing. They have expertise on the subjects they are supposed to handle. Since they are educated enough, they can carry out all the decision-making tasks more 3 effectively. Even better than the elected officials. Bureaucracy, in this sense, promote the hiring of such educated appointed officials.

  • A systematic procedure:

The appointed officials of bureaucracy make the rules and regulations as an effort to bring efficiency in the results and procedures. The bureaucrats here are supposed to follow a systematic procedure which are told by a set of instructions in which they should work. Following a systematic procedure, the tasks will be handled more efficiently and results will be crisp and fast.

  • Everyone stands equal:

In a bureaucracy, everyone stands equal. All people are treated fairly and everyone in the scene is required to follow the same procedure. For example, if we are talking about a student who need to obtain a loan, he/she needs to go through a defined procedure that would expect them to meet certain important requirements. The rules and regulations made by a bureaucratic government stands equal for all the people, regardless of their affiliation to any officials.

  • Merit based hiring of officials:

For a bureaucratic government to work, the appointed officials of its team are hired on the basis of a certain criteria. They must pass the qualify exam and must be educationally qualified enough to be appointed as the officials in such a government.

Negative effects of Bureaucracy:

  • Delay of the result:

Since a lot of officials are involved in a bureaucratic government and every rule or policy has to pass through the approval of each before it is finalized, this takes a lot of time in deciding. Some matters that require the immediate attention and action can be delayed in such a case. This is because of the chain of commands and the complete procedure is really time consuming. This is one of the major cons of a bureaucratic government.

  • Bureaucratic government gets boring after a time:

Critics and officials in a bureaucratic government keep criticizing and repeating the same jobs over and over. After a time, the members of the organization can get really bored of the routine they are bound to follow. This adds to the downfall in productivity. Officials of the government tend to be absent and directly affect the system. This is also true in the case of a business organization.

  • Affects freedom of an individual:

This is mainly a view of the people who are against a bureaucratic government. They feel that the rules and regulations made as a result of bureaucracy are too strict and hamper with the basic freedom of an individual. There come too many restrictions, because of which it becomes difficult to act on their own which is so not beneficial to these people in any way.

Therefore, bureaucracy can be a good form of government, but not entirely as some people might see it. It is still practiced in many countries and is expected to prevail up to a certain extent.


Positive and negative effects of mobile phones

Various advances in technology has led to the introduction of mobile phones in our life. And somehow, it has become an integral part of our lives. Almost everyone today can be seen possessing a mobile phone. The new era has made smartphones very popular. Earlier, the basic mobile phones were just meant for communication by voice or simple text (SMS). However, the smartphones have much more to offer. A basic mobile phone nowadays has internet facilities, various applications and other very useful features that has made life easier.

No wonder the usage of mobile phones Is trending and growing day by day. Everyone is so much into their mobile phone that they can’t seem to get over it. Increased addiction to these mobile phones has given rise to many negative problems among teenagers, adults and overall on the society.

The positive and negative effects of the mobile phones have been discussed below.

Positive and negative effects of mobile phones

Positive effects of mobile phones

  • Ease of communication: The very primary purpose of a mobile phone is that it provides a very easy alternative for communication. People sitting at distances far away can get in touch in just a second with the help of mobile phones at any given time. Landline telephones were surely good for this purpose. But their wired configuration made them less flexible to use. In that case, mobile phones have come across a long way in providing communication ease to people.
  • Source of entertainment: Everyone needs something entertaining once in a while to get away from their boring hectic work life. Mobile phones work as a great source of entertainment in that sense. Mobile phones today have internet facilities. You can watch TV online on your phone. You can download fun games and play some for entertainment. At cheaper rates, you can talk to your friends over the internet. Smartphones today have a lot to offer.
  • Helping device in Studies/Business: As for the business industry, the mobile phones do provide a greater ease of management of the same. Many companies have their own marketing apps on Android which makes the management and look over of the business on the go very easy. As far as the studies are concerned, the internet facilities in a mobile phone are easy to reach and access. Plus, there are many study oriented apps too that help in better understanding of the topics.
  • Life saver in emergencies: Emergency cases can be many. Your car might have crashed on the highway. You are far away from home and it is raining. You need someone to pick you up. If you are having a mobile phone, you can easily get in touch with anyone. It might work as a life saver in case of emergencies. Instead of searching for a nearby STD/PCO, you can directly dial a number with a mobile phone, thanks to its portability.

Negative effects of mobile phones

  • Addictive: The mobile phones today have become a necessity, sure. But kids and teenager today become extensively addictive to these mobile phones. They tend to spend a huge chunk of their day on the mobile phones playing games, chatting and doing other things. These addictive habits lead to downfall in studies and performance which is one of the cons of the mobile phones today.
  • Health issues: Due to addictiveness of mobile phones, they lead to various health concerns among teenagers and adults. Long hours of exposures to the mobile phone screen lead to eye sight weakening. The glare from the screen of a mobile phone is harmful to the eyes. The continuous use of mobile phones for longer hours to talk on the call also cause other health problems such as headache. The radiations emitted by a mobile phone is not good for the mental health of a person. A very negative effect of mobile phone is this serious health concern.
  • Threat to safety: Since these mobile phones have become so necessary and of course, addictive, people cannot seem to take a break from using them. Even while driving a car, some people tend to talk on the phone. This becomes a major cause of road accidents nowadays. Many laws have also been established that ban the use of a mobile phone while driving. This possesses a threat to safety of people which must be taken seriously.

When the usage of these mobile phones is kept under control, they can be a blessing to the mankind in the present time. However, extensive use of them can lead to serious problems which are not at all safe for anyone.


Positive and negative effects of nuclear energy

Energy and sources of energy are many. Most of these energy sources prove to be deteriorating to the atmosphere. Because of the harmful gases released, they promote the greenhouse effect, this depleting the ozone layer. However, there is one form of energy which is comparatively less pollutant. It is the nuclear energy. It is known as the environment friendly kind of an energy source because of the fact that it produces lesser amount of greenhouse gases as compared to the other energy sources. Nuclear energy is produced by nuclear fission where elements such as uranium used in the nuclear reactors and a huge amount of energy is released.

This energy can be found in the nucleus as seen in an atom. Since it is environment friendly, it can be beneficial for us. But there are negative effects for this also. Both of them have been extensively explained as follows.

Positive and negative effects of nuclear energy

Positive effects of Nuclear Energy

  • Lesser Pollution: As mentioned earlier, the energy produced through the nuclear power emits a lesser amount of greenhouse gases. As a result, the air pollution is decreased. Because of the use of nuclear energy, the amount of greenhouse gas usage has also dropped since the last few years. No such ozone depleting gases like the carbon dioxide or methane are emitted and that is why it has the least effect on the earth’s atmosphere. This is one the very positive point of the nuclear energy production.
  • Inexpensive power production: Producing electricity with the help of nuclear power is very cheap and not very expensive. Since the uranium is used in the nuclear energy production and it comes at a low cost, it doesn’t account for any high expenses. It can be seen that the cost of setting up a nuclear power plant may be high, but the cost of running it after that is quite low. Normally, a nuclear reactor can function well up to 40-60 years of time.
  • Enough uranium: Other energy sources such as wind energy or solar energy are dependent on the weather for their production. However, in the case of nuclear energy, uranium is present in enough amount. Even if nuclear energy is produced daily, then we have enough uranium for another 70-80 years. This is also one of the pros of the nuclear energy.
  • Better than other fossil Fuels: The extensive use of nuclear energy has proved that it is a better source of energy as compared to the other fossil fuels. It is much more feasible and has a lot greater energy density than any other fossil fuel. It even requires a lesser amount of fossil fuel for the energy production, which is not the case in other ones.

Negative effects of Nuclear Energy

  • Difficult to manage: Nuclear energy can have a great negative impact on the environment. The process of refining of uranium is a difficult one and the transportation of nuclear energy possesses a threat to pollution. Also, it is radioactive and hence not after the fuel has been used.
  • Disposal of radioactive waste: Nuclear energy may be a great source of energy but the tons of waste produced after the usage of this energy is liable to add to the high temperature and transmitting harmful radiations. Adding together the radioactive wastes from all the nuclear power plants all over the world, it creates a great problem to manage the same.
  • Threat of Nuclear Accidents: Nuclear accidents may not be that common but the ones that have took place has caused a serious havoc on human lives. The Chernobyl and Fukushima accidents are examples of this. These kind of accidents have a very serious negative effect on the environment as well the lives of the people.
  • High maintenance costs: Production of nuclear energy may be cheaper but managing the radioactive waste is costly. The waste is allowed to cool before it is blended with glass and put away in enormously big cooling solid structures. These are to be watched and taken care of by administrators which add to the cost of maintenance.
  • Finite amount of Uranium: We may have enough uranium for the next 80 years but it is still finite. After all the uranium has been used, this nuclear energy won’t be that prominent if major chunk of life activities has already been based upon this. It is also present and setup in very few countries.

Being a great source of energy, nuclear energy power plants are still very less in number and usually opposed by the people. However, better advances in the management of radioactive waste and safety may make it more prominent in the coming time.

General Health

Positive and negative effects of food preservation

In the fast-growing economy of today’s world, almost everything has become complex. We hardly have time for anything. Most people strained under the work pressure seem to neglect their eating habits. Specially the people in the foreign countries. Most people are seen stocking on the ready to eat food, or packed food, or a bag of chips and can food. These kinds of eatables have been made for emergency uses but people are seeming to be getting dependent on them on a daily basis.

These types of foods are harmful to health if taken in too much quantity. This is because food preservation makes use of additive substances known as food preservatives. These are the elements which are used to preserve the food for a longer period of time. They prevent packaged food from going stale and inedible in a short period of time. These preservatives, when consumed in excess, can be deteriorating to a person’s health.

But there are some positive sides and some negative sides to everything. So, the positive and negative effect of the food preservation are mentioned as follows.

Positive and negative effects of food preservation

Positive effects of food preservation

  • Home food preservation: Some people make their own baby food and preserve it themselves at home without buying any packed baby food from outside. This is beneficial in 2 ways. The first one is that you won’t need to add those harmful preservatives that comes in the already packaged food. The second one is that you save a lot when you preserve your own baby food. They can have an early expiry date but at least they will be safe for consumption.
  • Save up on money: One can easily save up on money by the help of food preservation. You then won’t need to buy food stuffs every time you need some. Keeping some healthy food preservation or doing the same at home can help you save up some nice bucks every day.
  • Easy alternative in case of emergency: Suppose that you came home from work late and it is already time past the dinner time. You don’t have time and the energy to get up and prepare yourself something to eat. At such a time, food preservation is there to the rescue. You can eat some of the food preserved by you at home or the ones that are available in the market. This way, at the time of emergency, food preservation does help someone fill their hunger.

Negative Effects of Food Preservation

As per the negative effects, there can be many points in this regard. These are as follows.

  • Unfit for health: These preserved food items are really not good for health. Stale food tends to lose its nutrition content with time when kept for a long time. Eating food which is lacking in nutritional value can cause damages to health. This is a big drawback of food preservation.
  • Deadly diseases such as cancer: Food preservation can cause deadly diseases such as cancer and heart attack. Since these kind of food items fall short of nutritional values, they become the cause of these deadly diseases that slowly kills a person.
  • Obesity: Food preservation is done with the help of food preservatives which are chemicals used to protect food. These preservatives often become the cause of obesity. Preserved food is generally addictive and people tend to eat a lot of it. This increases the amount of fat in their body that makes them obese. And obesity is nothing less than a disease.
  • Increased cholesterol levels: Food preservation becomes the major cause of the rise in the cholesterol levels. The increased consumption of preserved food and the food preservatives lays more stress on both the liver and the heart. They immediately add to the cholesterol levels which are responsible for strokes and other diseases. This is also one of the very negative side effect of the food preservation.
  • Infertility: The food preservation done and consumed may be the cause of infertility. The increased amount of food preservatives taken consist of modifies GMOs which can become the primary causes of infertility in men and women.
  • Harmful for the kidneys: The preserved food that lacks the proper amount of nutrition can cause a havoc on the kidneys. Since the kidneys will have to work more than enough to digest those preservatives, they can overtime start to fall back in doing their job properly.

Food preservation when used and done at a certain extent, can prove to be beneficial in some cases. However, increased usage of it is very injurious to health and must be avoided in all cases.

General Society

Positive and negative effects of politics

In any country, Politics are a major part of its development and history. Without a well organized political system, a country is unlikely to develop and stand through the challenges that surround its progress. Political leaders and motivators are the some of the important persons that run and maintain a political system of a country. Being an important part of a country, it needs to be very well focused towards the nation’s progress and the betterment of its people.

But does the whole political scenario always does good for a country? What if the leaders aren’t worth it? What if the system breaks down due to some illegal actions or discrepancies. What kind of effects would it then be resurrecting on a country?

These questions can have many answers. Since there are both positive and negative effects of Politics on a country and society. These points have been detailed as follows.

Positive and negative effects of politics

Positive effects of Politics

  • Democracy – One of the very important reasons that we’re even concerned about the political system is the Democracy. Democracy can be defined as a form of government which is being followed presently. In the earlier times, it was Aristocracy that followed. A very positive effect of the political system has been that it has brought the concept of democracy in our world. It is undoubtedly the best form of government which brings fairness of choices to every one alike.
  • Right to Vote – It is because of the political system that in India, every person above 18 years of age holds an equal right to vote regardless of their caste or creed. This quite nicely promotes the equality idea that we work on. The politics in this sense produces and equal opportunity for all the citizens of a country and an equal right to participate in the elections as well.
  • Regional Political Parties – It is often seen that some areas or regions of a country do not get enough attention due to some or the other reason. To affix this, a lot of regional parties originate as a result of politics. These regional parties are successful in attracting attention to their regions and make amendments. This way, all the regions come under the eye and equal development can be achieved for the whole country. Plus, regional parties increase the political competition and the chance of emerging of some great leaders.

Negative effects of Politics:

  • Dynasty politics –One of the most negative things about politics is that it follows the dynasty nature. A maximum chunk of Indian Politicians with MPs has previous connections to politics. As a result of this, other leaders don’t get a chance. This serves as impartiality in Politics which is a very negative point.
  • Corruption – A word with which everyone today is familiar with. Thanks to the politics, it has been quite deep rooted in the present culture. This is nothing but a result of negative politics when leaders try to use politics as a reason to draw in all the money for themselves. This is done by many and is unfortunately the worst effect of politics.
  • Pricing of votes – Democracy may promote an equal right to everyone to vote. But looking on the negative side, most votes today are bought. Setting a price on the votes, they are easily bought and favored under with the help of a few pricy notes. Not only foes this promotes corruption, but also granting of power to undeserving leaders.
  • Cynicism – Politics have surely introduced basic human rights such as the RTI (Right to Information). But it is hardly used, thanks to the political threats and all the run-through. The negative effect of politics ponders over the people and they are drawn to the fearful side where the RTI cannot be used by a common man.
  • Power to the powerful – Politics is the dirt land where the powerful holds all the power and the common man holds all the sufferings. Politicians and people belonging to strong political backgrounds and families hold all the power and can most likely make anything happen. Amidst all of this, the common man is bound to suffer. This is one of the worst negative effect of the politics.
  • No general participation – It can be very well seen that people and politicians never interact apart from the time of elections. Being a negative thing, this is also the most obvious reasons why people and politicians do not mix. There’s no sharing of ideas or insights and both are unaware of each other’s actions or needs.