Negative effects of mushrooms

Remember that cream of mushroom soup your granny used to make, with a smattering of truffles on the top to complete the dish? Mushrooms have been part of our cuisine for more than two thousand years, and it has long since moved on from a snack to being part of a seven-course dinner. Let’s face it, mushrooms are indeed musky, they bring their own flavor and are downright delicious in whatever format – baked/steamed or grilled. But given the increase in mushroom-related deaths, it is perhaps time to take a closer look at mushrooms and associated side effects.

Negative effects of mushroom

Here are a few side effects that a person may experience consuming mushrooms –

Tiredness: You may experience anything from fatigue to lassitude on consuming one too many mushrooms.  This is generally not applicable to all but a few people may be sensitive to the mushrooms that can cause them to experience the same.

Stomach upset: This generally happens when some of the mushrooms are undercooked; mushrooms have a certain amount of toxicity hence the need to cook them thoroughly. So if you end up eating undercooked mushrooms, the chances of you developing diarrhea go up; you may even experience bouts of cold sweats, nausea and dry throat. It is advisable that you consult a doctor should you experience the same, immediately after consuming mushrooms.

Hallucination: Mushrooms can cause you to experience vivid hallucinations; they have been utilized by various cultures in the past, in their quest towards spiritual growth. Certain mushrooms are more toxic than other varieties and on consuming them; you are bound to experience hallucinations. The severity of the hallucinations depends on the type of mushroom and how much you consumed – consult a doctor right away.

Allergies: Some people may develop lesions in their mouth, along with rashes on their face and areas around their mouth; this is usually because they have a heightened sensitivity to mushrooms and these allergic reactions will subside after a while. If this sounds like something similar to what you are experiencing at the moment, then you need to consult a doctor right away and get an allergy panel test done. With the right treatment, these symptoms should subside but you need to stay away from all mushrooms permanently.

Euphoric high: At times, you may feel dizzy and even experience a euphoric high for no reason at all. This is mostly as a result of toxic mushrooms; you need to lie down and wait for the symptoms to disappear.

Pregnancy: Although to date no one has reported any detrimental effect of mushrooms on a fetus, the fact remains that mushrooms are toxic by nature, and most doctors would advise pregnant women against eating mushrooms during the course of their pregnancy.

These are some of the associated negative effects of consuming mushrooms; if you still plan to consume some, then it may be a good idea to purchase your mushrooms from a department store. Most o f these stores double check and ensure that their mushrooms are safe for consumption, which is always preferable to picking out your own in the wild.


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