Positives and negatives of Kissing

Kiss, what is it? Is it just pleasure, not always? It is the ultimate way you tell your partner, that you love him/her. But from where and how did we get this culture of kissing. It is said that mother feeds her child by mouth in for examples birds; if you have noticed. So it has its evolution from there. This is called “Mouth feeding”. But still different cultures have varied reasons. But now kissing is a pleasant physical feeling and also it is the way you tell the other person you love and care them. Even there are some cultures, where kiss has no place, as they take it as a hygiene issue.

Positives and negatives of Kissing
There are many scientific reasons for kissing, and many biological reactions taking place during kiss. But very interesting fact is that, we have a subject dedicated to this era called Philematology. Which means study of kissing.

Positives of kissing:

State of mind and builds up relations
It has been known that, people who kiss frequently, have a nice day and in a survey conducted on this revealed that, husbands who leave to office after giving kiss and a hug to wife, work better than other couple an hence stay fresh and focused on their work. Actually their state of mind is said to be stable and focused on the rest of their day. It also reveals tension, removes negative vibes from us and also reduces the count of stress hormones.
Relations are bonded in this way, you can show the affection, the love, and the feeling of caring by a kiss.

Functioning of lungs
Doctors say that, after kissing, they tend to breathe more times than usual inhales (per minute), and hence it allows proper ventilation to the lungs. Which helps in preventing many lung problems which are caused by stressed.
We also loose loads of calories, during kissing. It is almost equivalent to swimming or running for the same time of kissing.

Levels in oxytocin hormone in our body
Kissing increases the number of oxytocin hormones released in our body, which is an extremely stress revealing hormone. This helps in coming out from the stress and reduces the noise levels in our mind.
Kissing is also good for heart; because during kiss or romantic feeling, adrenaline hormone is released in high amount, which helps in good circulatory flow. It helps in stabilizing blood pressure, circulatory flow of blood. And also our body stays away from stomach and blood infections, as antibiotics are released in to the saliva while kissing and it helps in fighting these infections. These antibiotics even relieves pain.

Negatives of kissing:

Infections and loads of bacteria
There are also little risks and bad impacts of kissing. As it involves contact of two people, there will be many germs, and infections which may prevail between them. If the other person is sick, there may be passage of more germs via kissing. Usually experts say that there are many different kinds of germs and viruses which transmit through while kissing. And this is really risky if the other is effected by flu or any infection, as it may spread to other persons.
Kissing may even result to dental infection as well. So not brushing is not only the reason for cavities, but kissing may, interesting right?

Kissing diseases
We would have known about many diseases but this is one really interests you. Do you know about kissing diseases? Weird right but yes there is a disease called Mononucleosis, which can be passed from person to person who kiss. But there may be other habits for the cause of this disease, like; drinking from the same glass and straw or even food sharing.
Actually this disease was developed among the students who share common food, drink from the same straw, and living close to other persons which leads to less ventilation, congested feeling. There is even another kissing disease called glandular fever, which is caused by kissing.

Some health risks of kissing
One milliliter of saliva contains about 100,000,000 bacteria. Kissing transforms around 240 different types of bacteria. It not only reduces calories in our body but also infects our body with more colonel bacteria and viruses like cold sores, flu which transmits due to saliva.
Risks of kissing is not about the physical contact or closeness it’s about the, transmission of germs.

Not only humans’, even animals do kiss each other in order to express their love and care. This behavior called kiss, enhances bond and increases trust between two people.

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