Positive and negative effects of karma

Positive and negative effects of karma

Positive and negative effects of karma

Karma is a Sanskrit word, which means an action or a deed. Philosophy says, a moral karma or intent leads to a prosperous future and an evil karma or deed leads to sufferings in future. Many Indian religion schools believe that the deeds done in past life or the present one determines the quality of present life. According to the law of karma, our thoughts, words, and actions begin a chain of cause and effects and we will personally experience the effects of every cause i.e. thoughts, words, and actions. And this law applies to everyone in an equal manner. Now, we will discuss the effects of karma on our lives.

Positive effects of karma:

Here are some benefits karma provides to an individual and a society.

Teaches lessons

An action, good or bad, gives experience. And through experience, comes learning. The concept of karma enlightens the knowledge of life and gives strength to overcome difficult situation. It helps people to choose the righteous path and to work toward welfare activities for needy and poor. Karma increases awareness concerning the result of bad deeds. Hence, while experiencing positive karma, people keep performing welfare activities and achieve strength and patience to fight challenges in future. In addition, it enhances an accountability of an action and gives opportunity to learn from mistakes and make amends.

Soul evolution

Every good deed one undertake in any lifetime contributes in the evolution of soul. These good deeds benefits in next life. When a soul grows to perfection, it stops reincarnating and merges with the supreme, who created the entire universe. With merging, a soul achieves nirvana i.e. freedom from the circle of birth and death.

Liberation goal

According to Karma, death eliminates the body but soul doesn’t cease to exist. It stays active and passes into subconscious state. The soul, then, enters another body in different lifetime and the body faces challenges according to the deeds done in past life. People in present life are unaware regarding the aim of their existence in the world. When one realizes that everything seen and perceived is an illusion and the main aim is liberation, one starts to perform good deeds and abandons materialistic things.

Enhances motivation

Karma motivates people to liberate themselves from the bondage of ego and help other in doing the same. It tells every selfless thought, word, or action creates positive karma, which brings prosperity in future. These deeds compensate the wrong done in the past life. In this way, a person stays motivated and help poor and needy.

Spiritual nature

The knowledge of karma makes a person spiritual to a great extent. It increases interest in reading sacred books and in spreading the knowledge of same to enlighten others. After realizing inner self, one focus extra on selfless acts and stay optimistic. Every altruistic act releases positive energy, which keeps the surroundings pleasing and everyone likes to stay near such a person.

Negative effects of karma:

Regardless of its moral potential, karma might prove incredulous at times.

Makes powerless

Bad deeds done in the past life brings misfortune in the present one. Many times difficulties arises at an unexpected time. Due to unawareness regarding the actions performed in past, one becomes incapable of reacting positive and analyzing the situation. A person feels powerless and unable to control the situation.

Lowers determination

Karma makes a person indecisive, when a misfortune happens. There remains a dilemma: whether to scrap the trouble or wait for karma to stop striking. It lowers confidence and increases incapability of making decisions. People become helpless when they believe that a situation is unchangeable.

Controversial law

If law of karma is true, a person guilty of an act can claim all bad actions as a product of karma. A bad action gives sufferings to someone, for whom, those sufferings are punishment of karma. Can a person, who is delivering a punishment as an agent of karma, be guilty? This question stays unanswered and is debatable.

A decision of performing a certain action stays in an individual’s hands. At times, circumstances might go bleak due to poor deeds. But the negative effects of karma lessens by examining things happening in a life and staying positive and moral. Karma isn’t a punishment but a learning. Every human being possess an invaluable gift of making a choice to act good or bad, which no other species on this earth own. One must make a correct use of it.

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