Positive and negative effects of jogging

Positive and negative effects of jogging

Positive and negative effects of jogging

Jogging is a type of physical exercise that helps in ensuring the overall physical strength of an individual. It consists of series of low running pace that offers the buildup of inner as well as outer strength of the person. The concept of jogging has its own place in the fitness industry and has been proven to offer real time results with it. It is considered as one of the oldest and safest aerobic form of exercise that can create visible results in your body shape within few days. It is integrated in different stages and can be customized according to a particular requirement.

There are many positive as well as negative effects of jogging in an individual overall health condition. To begin with, we will first focus on the positive impacts of jogging on our health.

Positive Effects:

The benefits of adding jogging in your day to day life could be piled up and can be described on the basis of its increasing popularity and benefits in an individual.

Prevents Hypertension and Cardiovascular Disease

Jogging is a form of powerful physical exercise that allows the precise and fast blood supply to all the parts of the body. Jogging is a form of running that makes it easy for heart and other cardiovascular organs to function properly and smoothly. The proper functioning of the cardiac events is necessary to secure the body from any blood pressure fluctuations or cardiac pathology.

Heals Diabetes

You might have heard many times that your doctor always ask to engage your body into some sort of physical exercises so that you can allow your body to exercise. Diabetes is one of the endocrinal metabolic diseases that occur due to disturbance in the metabolic activities. Regular exercises and jogging allow the individual to control and prevent the disease.

Improves mental fitness

We all know that a healthy mind stays in a healthy body. Jogging gives you the opportunity to stay healthy and fit. With the help of regular exercise, you can expect a better mental fitness.

All these discussed points make it easy and clear to optimize the benefits of performing jogging on regular basis.

Negative effects of jogging:

Like we said earlier, extreme of everything is bad. In case of jogging also, it has been considered that there are many hidden negative effects that can seriously produce alarming situations to all.

Muscle Loss

It is one of the visible effects of jogging on your body. As we all know that the regular introduction of exercise could make your body to go through an intensive workout. In case of regular uncontrolled jogging, it may lead to muscular depletion and can result in drastic muscle loss.

Body aches

It has been noticed that jogging done without any professional guidance can sometime result in body aches. These undefined and parallel body aches are classified as one of the negative impact of jogging.


Sometimes, sudden jerk or twist while doing jogging can result in sudden onset of injury. It could result in muscle tear, ligament break or any associated inflammation to any part of the body. The probability of getting injury on the lower extremities is certainly high. Hence, it is one of the most plausible consequences of performing jogging.


Palpitations could be defined as the abnormal increased of heart beat and could create serious health related issues in the body. It has been seen that in individuals who undergoes extensive jogging can experience the increased palpitations.

Hard on your heart

Too much of jogging could create alarming situation to the heart functioning of your cardiovascular system. It is advised to always begin and continue these endurance based exercises under the supervision of experts.

So, to sum up we can say that jogging is a good exercise habit that can help you to improve the overall status of your health. But it should be done under the strict guidance of experts. It can make your quality of exercise more beneficial and healthy for you. Little ignorance to the mode and pattern of jogging can be proven fatal and unhealthy for you and your health.

The beginners should concentrate on their body capability and should wait to check the response of body towards jogging. We wish you a happy jogging!

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