Positive and negative effects of jealousy

Positive and negative effects of jealousy

Positive and negative effects of jealousy

Human behavior is unpredictable and it covers plenty of emotions behind it. There are no universal guidelines that can justify or define the various traits of human behavior. The behavior is different and is dependent upon various associated situations or person. Jealousy is one of the defined traits of human behavior and could be encountered in anyone. The enormous bag of emotions keeps on jumbling and it keeps on making countless encounters with all of the human expressions and impressions. The unpredicted face of human behavior is vulnerable to the associated circumstances surrounded by an individual.

If we talk in depth about the presence of jealousy in an individual or in a relationship, we have to look in detail for the various perspectives of it. As we all know, that there is always a good and a bad side for every reaction, we will discuss about the positive and negative effects of jealousy in human behavior and the relationships.

Positive effects of jealousy:

It would be strange to know that there are many hidden benefits of having jealousy as your counterpart. Surprised? To make this statement more clear, let’s have a look over the positive effects of jealousy in our lives:

Enhance productivity

Yes, you read it right! Jealousy for any reason could be a possible cause of your motivation. It can make you enhance your in built strength, look upon your hidden potentials and can help you to improve and enhance your productivity. If you are giving a little corner to jealousy in your mind, you can easily compete with your rivals and can bring out the best real time results.

Opens the door of opportunities

If you are in a dilemma of situations where nothing is turning good for you, give time to your jealousy to let you compare with others. Find what makes their way easy and bright full! This would definitely work as a catalyst and will help you to open the new doors of opportunities for you!

Multiplies your curiosity

Being envious is sometimes beneficial! It helps to stay curious and follow the untold path to discover the hidden facts and information. Many of the achievements in the world are because of the curiosity that gets inoculated in our minds through jealousy!

Hence, the above points very smartly depict the positive impact of having jealousy as your partner. Now, moving ahead, let’s have a quick overview of jealousy as a negative emotion and its role in producing negative impacts on an individual.

Negative effects of jealousy:

Jealousy is one of the inbuilt emotions of human behavior that encompass many of the negative impact on an individual’s behavior. Here is the list of various effects of jealousy in our lives:

Hampers the mental peace

Mental peace is important to ensure overall health quotient in an individual’s personality. It has been observed that with the frequent bursts of jealousy in behavior. It is important to identify the symptoms and disturbances in actions with the presence of jealousy. If left untreated and ignored for a long time, it could seriously create alarming situations.

Disturbs the health

If the emotion of jealousy prevails for a longer time, it can create exaggerated reactions and responses inside the body. Problems such as headache, migraine, body aches can be one of the consequences of prolonged jealous in an individual.

Weight loss

Jealousy can interfere with the normal metabolic mechanism of your body and can result in many of the health and metabolic disturbances in an individual. Abnormal weight loss could be one of the possible effects of jealousy.

Unnecessary strain on Relationships

It has been seen that impending jealousy can be harmful for the overall health of a relationship. It can create stress in any relationship. It is one of the most harmful and negative impact of jealousy. It could occur in romantic relationship as well as in work relationships also. It can deliberately distort the communication between the relationships.

To conclude with the positive and negative effects of jealousy, we have a list of effects from both the side. It is important to address jealousy with healthy communication. Every emotion needs to be deal with higher maturity. Excess of everything is bad. It can lead to destructive impacts on overall life of an individual.

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